16 April 2012

Red Cherry, Red Chanel - A review

If you took a peek in my closet you will soon realized that I don’t have many dresses or skirt.  Reason?  I don’t think that they suit me well.  So when I just snatched this dress from the hanger and head straight to the cashier without even bother visiting the fitting room, one of the twins commented

“Ma, are you going to actually wear that?”

Well, after trying it on and seeing the pictures here, I guess NOT!  I think this dress would look great on a taller frame plus I am not happy with the fit especially around the bust area and this is the smallest size it comes in.  I love the cherry prints though but this dress is going to go back to where she came from, the store.

Nevertheless,  it was nice to take my patent Chanel out for some fresh air!


Dress : Mark and Spenser
Shoes : Freelance Paris (last seen here)
Bag : Chanel 2.55
Accessories : Parfois and Chanel
Pictures by : AD


  1. The cherry print is so cute! I think if you did some minor alterations the dress would be a perfect fit.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. The cherry print is adorable. You should keep the dress. It just need a little alternation to shorten the length of the dress.

    1. You think so? I am more worried about the bust area..

    2. You look lovely and very young in that dress. You should keep it and pair it with scrappy sandals.

  3. Hi beautiful :) I nominated you for a blog award. Please tsop by my page for the details and congrats =]


  4. .Hi there! I see your concerned with the dress. But I do want to let you know about a blogger " extra petit" . She is friends with Wendy of Wendy's look book. And although I am not petite, she has some great tips on altering clothes to make them fit better. I have really learned some great tricks! I am currently bidding on a Chanel jumo in crinkled patent and am nervous about it. How do you like your bag.? The patent on the one I'm bidding on is not as smooth and shiny but still patent looking. I'm worried it will look too much on a jumbo flap.

    1. Hey, Sisozuki! Good to hear from you again :) Thanks for your info about Extra Petite blog, I will definately look into it.

      As for the bag, don't worry about the size coz this bag of mine is about the same size as Jumbo. Honestly, if you asked me, I will not buy another patent. It is very fragile and to me has a lot of 'cons' than 'pros'. I hardly take this bag out due to my fear of getting any stain on coz stain on patent is not removable (permanent). So my advice to you if you were to win the bid, be careful with color transfer. Hope this helps and good luck with the bid! :)

  5. how adorable is your dress! xx


  6. The dress is pretty... but i think the bust area fitting is not easy. A very skilled Tailor only can do it.

    The bag...Is GORGEOUS!!

  7. such a pretty dress. love the print.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! It looks like we really do have CHANEL in common! hahah. It's always nice to find another person who loves Chanel to be inspired by! :)
    I love your dress and the way you paired it with this bag. Amazing!
    I'm going to follow you, and hope you'll follow back! :)


  9. You have a lovely blog! Have a lovely weekend
    ƸӜƷ ♥♥ ƸӜƷ

    xx Lady Preppy

  10. I actually like the cherry dress but I think you might look better in lighter colors based on your other pics. Chanel flap is stunning, never thought red patent Chanel would look as amazing as it does!


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