26 January 2015

New Beginning :: We Are Moving

Dear friends and valued readers,

I am in the middle of moving platform for my blog and chances are I am going to lose most if not all of you especially if you follow me on GFC or Blogger. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for following me here for the past 3 years. Thank you for reading, for commenting and for always returning even after my long hiatus last year. Thank you, thank you! I am honored.

If you still want to be in touch and are still not tired of my rambling or my weird sense of style, please feel free to follow me on  Bloglovin' , Instagram and/or Facebook and since I am just switching host, it is nice for you to know that my domain will stay the same - www.mjoat.com

Thank you one more time, for giving me one of the best experience in my life! xxx
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25 January 2015

Trend :: 'Winter' Laid Back

Yes, our 'winter' is finally here. When I say winter it means 21 low, 28 high. Pathetic right? But for the desert people like us, that is a huge deal. These pictures were taken last Wednesday, during H&M Home brunch event at a beach club called Meydan. Since it was a casual event, I wanted to be as laid back as possible, sprinkled with some bohemian infusion, but without looking like a 'hobo' or under dressed. Looking at these pictures, I realized that I should have gone with plain scarf instead. The colorful scarf and bag seemed to be fighting for attention here. Oh, well... even Victoria Beckham had her fair share of style 'boo-boo' let alone a mere mortal like moi, right?

So, did I manage to do this so called winter laid back look successfully? Well, I think I did alright.. I definitely felt comfortable, at ease and that for me was a battle half won already! 

Let me know what you think, ok? I could use a pointer or two :)

On another note, I will be moving platform and will probably lose most if not all of my follower especially those who follow me on GFC. If you happens to be one and would still want to keep in touch or read my silly/ lame post and bad outfit, I would appreciate it if you could follow me on Bloglovin' or Instagram. Thank you for always being here for the past 3 years.. I enjoyed every second of it! xxx

:: Wearing ::

Tank :: Top Shop
Jacket :: Zara
Jeans :: Siwy
Shoes :: Aldo
Bag :: Claires

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