19 March 2012

Retro - When things were simpler..

Today was dentist day for the twins.  Apparently they need braces for their teeth.  Maybe I’m ancient but during my days wearing braces was not the norm among the children.  I remember one of those years in school, a new girl joined in and she had braces on.  We were looking at her like she was from another planet because they (braces) were rare!  Whispers like “Ouch! It must hurt so bad!” or “I wonder what kind of tooth brush she uses” were going on for weeks after she came, not in a bad way but mostly out of curiosity.

But now, braces are everywhere.   Sometimes I wonder why some children even need braces at all.  Their teeth look perfect to me.   And the price of fixing one of these is another story.  I had to ask the doctor to repeat the cost to me twice just to make sure I heard him right.  I can buy an Hermes Birkin with the same amount of money!    I guess things were simpler back then..  

Well, on the positive note, the boys seem to be alright with the idea of wearing braces.  Better now than later.


Top : H&M
Jacket :  ZARA
Jeans : True Religion
Shoes : Freelance Paris @ Galeries Lafayette
Bag : Gucci
Pictures by : AB


  1. lookin fab! By the way you look amazing for having twins!

    1. Thanks, Sarah :) you are too sweet!

  2. I hear you... braces cost an arm and leg.
    I'm thankful that my teeth are perfect
    because I can't afford for the cost of braces, huh!

    I love this look! Simple yet classy, Mrs. C!


    1. The boys had what the dentist called the 'Hollywood Smile' when they were Mr Freddy's age, nice align teeth with no gap at all. But when all the milk teeth started falling, their mouth were too small to house the bigger permenant teeth hence the braces. They better smile more after this haha!

  3. I want your bag! <3

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  4. love your style! laid back & chic! x


  5. Super cute outfit dear!

    I have an amazing giveaway on my blog and I really appreciate if you partecipate!
    Btw, super cute blog! Following! Follow back?;)

    1. Ciao, Marella! I do not have the link to your blog. I'd like to visit it so please drop me the link, ok? :)

  6. Great top and bag! You look great and very hippie chic!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  7. Love everything! Especially your bag!



  8. My 8 year old son needs braces already and like you, when I was younger children his age weren't wearing braces - it was more for the 12 year olds and older. The cost is outrageous, but what are you going to do, right? :)

    1. Money spent for greater good :) I just hope the process will ot be too painful for them.


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