23 October 2013

LENA - A Collaboration

Hello, everyone! Hope the week has been treating you well, so far. This week, I would like to announce that Mrs Jack Of All Trades has started a collaboration with a Malaysian based jewellery designer, Jaslena Ahmad for LENA Jewellery and today I am honored to have Azlina Ali, former fashion stylist of a local fashion magazine in Malaysia to pen an introduction to this beautiful jewellery line and its designer, Enjoy!
Mrs C

“Someone who is fun-loving with a flair for fashion and love for beauty, yet has an intellectual side to him/her that understands and appreciates good design, quality and the “multi-taskingness” of each LENA Jewellery piece.”

If the profile fits you to a “T”, indeed you need not look any further for LENA Jewellery has spoken!
It is for one with a discerning style about her/him, possessing an acumen that can take the simplest piece to a fashionable high. As we seek versatility in our investments of treasured accessories, we naturally gravitate towards the designs by Malaysian Jaslena Ahmad, owner and creator at LENA Jewellery Hard-edged and infinitely classic, her creations have paired the treasures of semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals to create trendy wrap bracelets and necklaces; chunkily tasteful rings with sterling silver or 18k gold; the quiet elegance of pearl paired with a whimsical charm clasp. Wear it casual or formal and look like a million bucks, that is what LENA Jewellery has set herself up to be and we love it!

Jaslena Ahmad, designer and creator of LENA

This young company has steadily climbed the fashion foothold when they attained a commendable shout-out in the British Vogue magazine and, in 2012, was invited to exhibit at the Backstage Creations Celebrity Retreat of the Teen Choice Awards 2012. Jaslena, accepted with no expectations whatsoever; it could as easily fly as it could bomb. “Besides, I didn’t know what to expect”, she said of the event.
And fly she did, amongst the young Hollywood glitterati that included Justin Beiber, Jordin Sparks, Lucy Hale from the TV series Pretty Little Liars, Tia and Tamara Mowery of Tia &Tamara and singer Carly Rae Jepson, amongst others.

Singer Jordin Spark

 Actress Nikki Reed

 Actress Lucy Hale

 Actress Payton List

Actress Greer Grammer

“They had never seen anything like it before and were very surprised to learn that LENA had come all the way from Kuala Lumpur for the event,” Jaslena added.
Relating her most unbelievable moment, Jaslena said, “I was so preoccupied with what I was planning to tell them about LENA Jewellery that I didn’t recognize Adam Rodriguez (of CSI Miami) till AFTER he pulled me in for a photo before leaving the stand”. She then tweeted: Adam Rodriguez just gave me a hug. *swoon*.

Jaslena with Adam Rodriguez
 Funnyman Kevin Hart

Actor Keegan Allen

LENA began just over five years ago.  Previously dabbling but never seriously considering, Jaslena was all too pre-occupied plying the corporate route with extensive travels that was matched with extended hours.  It wasn’t a life she wanted when motherhood took over.
“I couldn’t juggle and be good at both. Children are important and more specifically during their formative years,” she said.

 Jaslena with Tia and Tamera

Singer Carly Rae Japsen wearing one of LENA's

The restless and creative mind was certainly not left idle and once the children had come into their own with the rigours of school, Jaslena engaged the wheels to motion. She set about creating a range of jewellery that she would like to wear, fashionable and timelessly classic. With the years of travelling in her bag and that keen interest in fashion, she conjured a range of statement-making jewellery that is unique in its limited edition. Aimed at offering individuality to its wearers each piece of LENA Jewellery is custom designed and handmade, using materials that has been personally sourced from around the world.
LENA featured in British Vogue

 One of LENA's signature pearl and whimsical charm

Cocktail rings in 18K gold and mother of pearl

Jaslena remains unassuming, contented in life’s offerings yet quietly ambitious in her desire to propel LENA Jewellery forward. Her other successes that included a travelling sales and exhibition roadshow in four major cities - Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hamamatsu,Tokyo; as well as the aforementioned, has kept Jaslena determined yet grounded. Affable and decidedly humbled by her experiences, Jaslena sums herself in one sentence: “Always a mom first, a businesswoman by nature and a designer by accident.”


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