27 October 2013

Fight to Win!

Hello, everyone!  Hope everybody had a good break during the weekend.

Today's post is my tribute all breast cancer patients all over the world and I want to start by sharing with you this heart wrenching yet beautiful story of Angelo and Jennifer Merendino ...

In conjunction with October being breast cancer awareness month, there are many campaigns and events lined up everywhere in the world for this cause.  Pink ribbons are seen worn everywhere, schools organize pink day to raise fund, hospitals run free check up days and many more activities and programs for the plight to increase awareness on prevention and cure for breast cancer.

In the same quest, Bloomingdale's has launched a limited edition 'Fight To Win' tee by Aqua as part of its contribution and it is available throughout this month of October. $8 from the $24 retail price of every tee purchased will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This fabulously comfortable yet stylish looking tee is also available online so, if you feel like contributing to this good cause, go on, it is just a click away!    

:: Wearing ::

Fight to Win tee by Aqua @ Bloomingdales
Siwy  boyfriends jeans 
Christian Louboutin 'Bruges' shoes

Another way to do our part in the quest to find cure for world's number 1 women's killer is by re-pinning the message above, here and FOREO will donate $1 on your behalf for this cause.  Yes, it is as easy and as simple as that! Thank you for your contribution and lets spread the message of early detection and the importance to get checked regularly to all women out there and may one day we find cure to breast cancer!

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  1. Breast cancer is such a scary thing and I lost my Grandmother to it. Preventive care is best, great post!

    1. I am sorry for your lost, Skylette.. too many has lost the battle :(

  2. I like the t-shirt and you look fabulous wearing it :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. Nice look and better message - thank you for sharing!


  4. Great message here. You are convincing me that I need some boyfriend jeans because you look so right in them! Love seeing a post for a good cause.

    blue hue wonderland

    1. Ann, you and your tiny figure would look fabulous in BF jeans! :)

  5. Hi my dear! A wonderful post and how fabulous to convey this message with such style, you look lovely! xx

  6. I love the tee and I love the message/cause!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Still in search on my perfect boyfriend jeans. I like yours though! :) :X


  8. Love this slouchy graphic tee paired with boyfriend jeans and heels!

  9. I love buying things which fit well and also gives a percentage of it´s proceeds to something beneficial like Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Great pairing with the boyfriend jeans too! :)

  10. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  11. These are great links, and fabulous suggestions. You are so right about Angelo's documentation of their struggle. ( I'd seen it before and could not do it again...) So glad you posted all of it. Some day, there will be a cure, and for now, money matters and survival rates are climbing because of awarness.

    Quite separate from the seriousness of your important post ... how cool is your tee shirt and bf jeans with classic Louboutin's? That's kick-butt style, Mrs. C. Hard not to notice how great you look as well as the importance of your message!

    Thanks for all.

  12. Great and important message! I know many people who lost near and dear ones due to this awful disease. !
    Like the T-shirt, you look great (as always!)

  13. Hi Friend!!! It's been a while! I've missed you! That story was so touching (saw it last week). It really and truly humanized the face of cancer. It was so sad to see her cancer journey over time. Watching the end was the hardest part! It is so nice of you to be supporting this cause! I say definite yay on those tees!

  14. You get my vote! I love that you are blogging about a great cause and that you look like a million bucks in your tee and killer shoes!

  15. Breast cancer is such a terrible killer of wonderful and beautiful mothers, daughters, aunties, sisters, wifes, girlfriends and a little known fact but it affects men too. Awareness and early detection is key but I heard a story today of a woman in her twenties whose partner found her lump and she died within 2 years of that discovery. They were waiting to marry and start a lifetime together, but were robbed. :( Good cause to support. Thank you Mrs. C


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