18 February 2012

Wardrobe must have # 4 - A pair of well fitted jeans

Jeans are so versatile, anybody can wear them!  They are good for any age, man or woman.  They can go from day to night and can be casual or dressy.   But when choosing a pair of jeans, a few points have to be considered.  Here are my key points to a great pair of jeans :

1)      Color - choose a darker hue like black or dark blue for a dressier look.  Stone wash or faded jeans or even grey are best for casual look.  Darker colors give a more slimming look while faded patches are less forgiving.

Straight cut

2)      Style – choose a style or cut that flatters your body shape.  If you are heavier on the bottom, a boot-cut with a slight flare gives a more balance look.  If you are shorter and would like to play with optical illusion, floor skimming pair of wide legged jeans worn with a pair of high heels is best.   Straight cut jeans can fit any body shapes and skinnies, don't be fooled by the name as skinny jeans too can be worn by most body types!  They  basically are a pair of straight cut jeans with more tapered calfs and ankles.  BUT beware of the color/wash you choose.

Flare legged

3)      Back pocket – Now, this may not be an important factor for many but for me personally the position of the back pockets is important to give that balance and perky look to your behind.  If the pockets are too low, it will give the droopy look and that is a big no!  Another thing to consider is if you are ‘generously’ built back there, you might want to avoid any embellishment or fancy designs as this will enhance the already generous behind.

Low pockets

High pockets
4)   Fit – your jeans should fit you nicely, not too snug.  Choosing a pair of too snug jean would lead to what I call ‘the Michelin man’ look which lead to ‘the muffin top’ situation.     Therefore, choose a pair that fits comfortably.  If you are in between sizes and you tend to fit nicely at the thigh area but loose at the waist, you can always have the jeans altered at a good tailor.  Some stores even offer free alterations with purchases.  Do not compromise the fit at the thighs just to get a pair that fits you well at the waist.


5)   Waistline - your jeans shouldn't sit any higher than your navel area.  Bear in mind that the higher it sits, the longger it will make your bottom look and that is not flattering.  Remember the famous mummy jeans in the 80s?  Mummy jeans are in the past and they will never make a come back.


Personally for me it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a pair of jeans, be it $10 or $100 or even more but what’s important is that you find a perfect pair that would fit you well and be  in your wardrobe for a long time.  Hope these tips will help you find your perfect pair!

Siwy jeans, ZARA jacket, Mulberry Alexa bag
and BCBG Max Azria shoes

My favourite pair of Siwy


  1. Woohoo another Siwy fan! I love them, they are so comfy and my favorite jeans brand :)

    1. Hi, Kat! Thanks for dropping by :) Yes, I love Siwy jeans! They are the best and love especially the heart design on the back pockets.


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