20 February 2012

From Paris with love! : Balenciaga City SS 2012 Gris Poivre

If there is a bag that goes hand in hand with my personality at all, it has to be the City from Balenciaga.  It has that under the radar feel to it with a bit of rock and roll flair.  No logo screaming, no fussy details, just good quality leather.   I don’t know why I never took a second look at the City earlier because that would have save me a lot of dollars and cents that was spent to buy expensive bags that I hardly use.  I guess looking for the perfect bag is a bit like  searching for a soul mate...  the journey is painful but eventually you’ll find your perfect match!

This is my third City after the black and bordeaux from last year.  I am still waiting for the perfect beige and magenta before I call it a ‘khalas’ as they say it here in Dubai or 'that’s it'!  This Gris Poivre color is best described as grey with a slight brown undertone.  The leather is as all of Balenciaga bags, divinely soft, smells heavenly and as light as feathers!  It just needs to be broken in and it will be perfect everyday bag.

Have you all found your ‘soul mate’?  If yes, what is it?

From left to right : Bordeaux, Gris Poivre and Black

Match my Gucci flats by chance! 


  1. Love the grey ... the bag has such a rock chic vibe! :)

  2. Thank you, sweetie! :) Really appreciate you dropping by

  3. Love the bag! :) And you are über chic Mrs. C :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  4. A very needed question, which I think you can answer and I will be more than happy if you could reply.

    I recently purchased the Gris Poivre city. Its my first ever Bal Bag and second ever High end. So you can imagine how rookie I am.
    I just need to know how do you protect and condition your Bal Bag. I have read loads and loads of comments on TPF and it has just confused me to death. All I need is simple answer...1. Do i need to condition with Apple Gard before and then spray the protectant or Vice versa....

    Congrats on your new Bal n Mulberry bags...

    1. Hey, Resham! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog : )

      I know exactly how you feel about being confused and all. We spent a lot of money on something and would like to preserve it as long as we can and feel hopeless in the process. Honestly, I did not do anything to any of my Bals, just making sure I store them in their dust bags and of course, be careful when wearing them. One thing I do know from my SA that Bal has a cream that use to condition the leather and it is available at the boutique. If I want/need to do anything at all to the bags, I'd go to them. After all they are the maker and they should know best. I think sometimes we worry too much instead of enjoying our purchase. I'm sorry I can't give you a perfect answer but this is my honest opinion. Enjoy your bag and most importantly, in good health! Let me know if I can be of any help.


  5. :) The very Fact you answered itself makes me feel good about everything...lol!!!

    I live in Chicago n so no Bal Boutique..but I guess, I will ask the Neiman marcus SA to help me with the creme. I will be careful around water. Right now, I am happy posing with it all the time...:)

    already started planing to buy another bag...but year end...So many expenses at home.. :)

    Mulberry Alexa OR Miu Miu Bow OR Black Balenciaga City or Marc Jacob Single Large... Enjoying the research on TPF...

    Will be visiting often. Its good to see fashionable people interact... Good luck with Blogging...Its sure is a Humble n Nice one.. :)

    1. Hey, sweetie! I'm glad you feel better :) Maybe the next time you are visiting a city with Bal boutique you can have a look at the cream. I too love end of the year, time for giving and receiving ;) You have many months to decide which is going to be your next score and do tell, I'd love to know!

      Take care now, and just get in touch if you need to just exchange opinion or something :)


    2. wow! I love your Bal bag in gris poivre! Ever since I fell in love with City last year, I've always wanted it in Papyrus. Do you happen to know if they are exactly the same color? Appreciated!

    3. Hi, Monica! Both GP and Papyrus are grey with brown/beige undertone and the colors are almost alike but in my opinion Papyrus is a hint lighter. I like Papyrus too but it was not available anymore when I was in Paris last February as it was from the season before. Hope this helps and thanks for dropping by :) Come back soon!

  6. Love the way how you match the bag with your shoes!


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