24 May 2012

Micro break from the heat - Veneto, Italy


Yes, it is beautiful, mesmerizing, captivating and oh, so romantic!  But I've seen it all many times.  And on a Saturday in spring, Venice could be quite crowded, in fact a bit too crowded for my taste.  We lasted there for less than an hour..


Captain decided to show me something new, instead.  So, we got into our rented a car and drove to a town called Treviso where things were quieter.  Treviso is a small medieval town  in the region of Veneto just about half an hour drive from Venice.  All the way from Venice to Treviso the scenery on left and right was so breathtaking.  Treviso is a farmer's land where the main source of income comes from agriculture and textile production and in the recent years tourism was added in its source of income.  So along the way we spotted a lot of farms with lovely well maintained houses from the 19th century, little vineyards and fields of wheat and corn for miles and miles.  Once in a while we passed by great big mansions with well manicured gardens and fountains kept just the way they were!  In Italy old is never in the pass but celebrated in the future.

Where to stay in Treviso?

About 15 years ago, the locals started embracing their inner hospitality and born was the concept called 'agriturismo' where tourism and lifestyle of the locals as farmers collide.  Scattered all over between Venice and Treviso are the old barns that were transformed into charming little bed and breakfast or mini hotels where accommodation and meals from the local produce are offered

We stopped by at this agriturismo Ca' Tessera for a little refreshment.  It was once upon a time in the 19th century, a farm house and stable that is now transformed into a guest house.  Notice the red doors?  Can you imagine that they were once horse stables?  They owner has maintained the old architecture of the building, preserving the big beams and strong wood structure.  They offer breakfast and refreshments using the produce from their farm in the back yard; so fresh milk, eggs and cheese are always available as fresh as they can be.

The place also offers sauna, indoor wooden framed swimming pool on top of all standard room facilities for a small price between 70 and 100 euro.  This place is about 2 kilometers from the Marco Polo Venice airport and 15 minutes drive into Venice itself.  These agriturismo could be a good alternative even when visiting Venice as the accommodation in Venice could be quite pricey.

Things to do

Approaching Treviso, we could start feeling that slightly busy environment compared to the country side we passed by.  The town is small and surrounded by an old medieval wall and slashed across the town is a canal/river called Sile that is kept so clean.  The water is so clear you can see the vegetation under!  

If you like old architecture, I would recommend a walk along the canal where dotted along it are houses from the centuries before that are immaculately kept.  It is hard to believe that they are actually hundreds of years old!  Treviso also is famous for their 'painted houses'.  Back in the olden days, the rich had their houses painted in geometric pattern or even scenes from the bible.

The place to be in Treviso is Piazza dei Signori where trendy coffee shops, bars and restaurants are.  With the Palazzo dei Trecento, the 15th century structure in the back ground, it was great to sit on the side-walk sipping coffee or spritz, a mixture of Campari and Prosecco, a type of sparkling white wine from this region, while doing a bit of people watching.

If shopping is your thing like me, take a walk down Via Calmaggiore and there you'll find elegant shops selling leather goods from Gucci to Ferragamo to Prada and if you are interested in the local product, there are many shops that sell great leather product with no particular brand.  Treviso is also the birth town of Benetton and with textile being one of the major business of this area, you can find little boutiques selling good quality clothing carrying local labels.  I got myself a pair of nice crisp white shirt from an Italian label, a belt from Furla and some souvenirs.

If you are into gothic churches and structures, there are plenty to visit.  The famous ones are San Leonardo, San Francesco, San Nicolo and of course the dominant Duomo.  And if you have extra time to spare, swing by the Civic Museum and get to know the city better first hand.

Eat and Drink

What is a trip to Italy without indulging into food and drinks. Since Veneto is popular with its produce of the best wines in Italy along side Chianti from Tuscany, it was not hard to see why Treviso is so proud of the wines they serve.  Try dropping by at one of those bars that serve 'ombra' or wine by the glass made to enjoy with some panini or little sandwiches.  

Prosecco is the popular sparkling wine from this region and combine with Campari, the sweet or dry vermouth, you'll get yourself a glass of Spritz an aperitif to enjoy before dinner.

The classic dish of Treviso is polenta, cornmeal that is boiled until pasty, serve with pheasant or rooster.  Radicchio or red lettuce from this area is said to be the best of quality and depending on the season it is widely served in restaurants here. Well, to tell you the truth, I am not  a big fan of polenta, and radicchio was not particularly in season so I stick to my all time favourite, Mozzarella di Buffala and let Captain had the honor of trying the rest.

Getting around

Treviso is a walking town but still you can rent out bicycle and cycle around town. The locals love their bikes and you can spot many around town.  Parking can be a nightmare as we experienced so be prepared to walk alot.

In short I would say Treviso is a charming little town that has everything.  If you have a few days in Venice and would like to run away from the over the top tourism city, I would highly recommend a day trip to Treviso just to witness the other face of Veneto.  I promise you, it'll be worth the day!


  1. Looks like there're not that many tourists there. Can't believe that it's just 2km away from the airport!

    1. Captain tak kuasa ramai2 orang.. better this way :)

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  3. It looks like you had a great time!! I was there last April and we also visited Treviso.


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