10 February 2012

FOODIE WEEKEND - Halal Spaghetti Carbonara

I have many muslim friends that came up to me and asked if carbonara is halal to eat.  Well, the original carbonara is NOT halal as it contains pancetta or more accurately the belly fat of the pig that has been salted and spiced and later on aged for about 6 month.  Some American recipe used bacon instead of pancetta and that too make the carbonara inedible to the muslims.  Today, I am going to share with my muslim friends and readers my receipe of halal carbonara.

Ingredients (serves 4)

10 pieces of turkey bacon (smoked or not depending on your liking)
500 grams of spaghetti
some salt for boiling the pasta
4 eggs
350 ml of low fat cooking cream
1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese
pepper to taste
Some extra virgin olive oil 


Add spaghetti to the salted boiling water and set the cooking time to al-dente or 
slightly chewy.
Cut the turkey bacon into thin strips.
Heat a heavy based pan and add some olive oil to the pan
Pan fry the bacon on medium heat until crispy and set aside
Beat the 4 eggs together with parmesan cheese and cream
Add bacon to the mixture.
Drain the cooked pasta and return to the pot.
Pour the mixture over the hot pasta and toss well
Return the pot to heat the pasta over very low heat for 1 minute or until the mixture thickens.
Add pepper to taste and serve immediately

Make sure that you do not over cook the sauce as it can curdle.  It is crucial for the heat to be very low after you combine the pasta with the sauce.  Like all pasta, it should be consume immediately.  Happy trying and buon apetitto!


  1. So kat Malaysia carbonara guna turkey bacon juga ke? How about Dubai? :-S

    1. Not sure la, Cik R.. some use some sort of vegetable like zucchini to substitute.


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