08 February 2012

Wardrobe must have # 3 - Classic handbag

When we think about a classic timeless handbag, one bag in particular will pop into mind.  The Hermes Birkin.  It has clean lines of a simple design with no fussy details or frills, the leather is divine, the quality is simply outstanding and it is 100% hand made.  But with the price tag that starts from $ 9,000 all the way up to a staggering $ 150,000, not many of us are privileged enough to have one of these beauties on our arms.

A classic handbag does not have to carry a price tag that is that heavy but it is important for it to have the characteristic of a timeless bag that will last years in our wardrobe. These are my key points to look for when choosing a classic handbag :

  1. Clean lines and simple design.  No fussy details.
  2. Made out of good quality leather that showcase the quality of the bag
  3. Can go from day to night, casual to formal
  4. In basic neutral colors like black, tan, brown or grey
  5. Hand held or shoulder carry or both

Chanel Timeless Flap (Maxi)

Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in Epi Leather
Mulberry Bayswater in embossed leather

Take time to decide the type of bag that suits your budget and your lifestyle the most.   Browsing through the internet is nice but nothing like going to the store and try on the bags.  That way you'll get the feel of the bag if it is heavy or if the size suits your body frame.  We don't want to end up looking like we are carrying a piece of luggage, do we?

Tory Burch

Marc Jacob
Micheal Kors


Tory Burch
My 2010 Black Chanel Timeless Flap (Jumbo)


  1. As much as i love the Hermes i would say i would rather buy 4more mulberry and two more Chanel..I love your chanel bag..great blog

  2. I know what you mean.. I think 'Captain' would drop dead if I told him I want an Hermes! ;)


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