03 February 2012

The art of eating without expanding the waistline!

Eating is a joy.  But for those who fears about piling on the kilos, eating could be bittersweet.  I love to eat, (who doesn’t?) it is a passion that I share with many of you but adding more to my kilos is not in the option box.  After many months of practice and research, I learned that I can still keep my waistline in check and eating what I like at the same time.  The magic word is 'substitute'.  Research is key and through research and time both me and ‘Captain’ found a better and healthier way of eating without having to compromise the taste and what we love by substituting. 

For an instance, ‘Captain’ and I, we love cheese.  Being Italian, ‘Captain’ can never forgo his cheese and we all know cheese can be quite fattening.  So, we browsed through many supermarkets reading nutritional labels on tens of types of cheese and discovered that there are many that we could savour without compromising our weights!  There are a lot of 0% fat or low fat cheese that we could use to substitute the full fat ones, and they are yummy too!

Instead of full fat, opt for skimmed milk and yogurt made of skimmed milk.   Choose low fat mayonnaise which I promise taste the same as its full fat sister.  We started using less oil, steam, bake or grill instead of frying.  We also found this cooking gadget called Actifry by Tefal that allow us to fry food using a very small amount of oil, french fries included!

We started choosing whole meal bread and pastas instead of white, control our white rice intake,  and consume less sugar, brown that is.   After a while, both me and ‘Captain’ lost weight, our body fat percentage started to plummet and feeling better generally. 

I  also believe that too much or too little of anything is never good. Therefore I have ‘cheat days’ of on which I would allow myself to eat whatever I want in moderate quantity. I even have dessert!   This way I never deprive myself from the not so healthy comfort food that I love so much! 

Give substituting a shot and I promise you will not regret it, in fact you’ll feel better and proud of yourself for taking this little step which will leave a big difference.  Good luck!

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