02 February 2012

Paris on a budget! My biggest challenge so far!

Ah, Paris… city of light, city of love.  A trip to Paris is a dream to many and I have to say I was excited when ‘Captain’ announced that we will jet over there for a break from 11th to 15th of February!  I haven’t been to Paris in 18 years and this news came as a delightful surprise.  But there is a catch to this.   I only have EUR 1,300 to work with!  What? Paris on EUR 1,300 budget? One can hardly do Timbuktu for that amount of money, let alone Paris!  

When confronted, ‘Captain’ calmly told me that he can increase the budget but that means less money for me to shop.  It’s Paris; of course I want to shop!  With flagship stores everywhere I will not be deprived!   I will take the challenge and plan for a memorable stay in Paris with EUR 1,300 to cover accommodation (under the bridge?), food (crepes for 3 days?), transportation (on foot?) and sight-seeing (people watching?) 

So, stay with me as I will give full report and details to every EUR and cents used and maybe some of you (who has to be on budget too) could get some tips on how to do Paris on a budget!

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