09 April 2014

Trend - Moschino Fall 2014 Ready to Wear

What?? Or more like WTF?? That was my reaction when I browsed through the trend from the last Fashion Weeks.  It was as if we had ran out of trend to wear that we have to stoop so low and wear wrapping papers and cardboard box of some cereals?? And what about Sponge Bob, that even some 7 year olds would not be caught dead wearing them to bed, let alone out and about. It is either I am far behind or the fashion world has gone slightly mad.  This trend from Moschino collection was by far the worst I've seen since the horrendous Dolce & Gabbana vegetable print from a few seasons back. 

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  1. Wow. And not "wow" in a good way...ha!

  2. You have to admit that they're creative but I can't imagine any woman in her right mind wearing any of them!!! Unbelievable!

  3. I saw these before and thought they looked ludicrous.


  4. I agree, who is going to wear this??

  5. its so crazy jajajaja , im sure that im not going to wear it!!

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  6. Haha, I don't think I am loving the Sponge Bob costume as well! :D I mean who wants to look that way? :D
    I do like the creative thought behind the collection, but I don't think this should be high fashion! :D


  7. I love these - II would totally wear the crisp one (the second one down). I rarely like catwalk stuff but these are fun and not taking themselves seriously. x

  8. My first reaction was the same to yours. I see some great design and tailoring, but the silly print dominates way too much and takes the attention away.

  9. this collection is truly eccentric!:) I think nobody would wear these outfits in real life, but it must have been such an amazing show♥


  10. I am so relieved to read your thoughts as I was thinking exactly the same things while looking at the pics haha. I guess if you see it as artwork the dresses are very creative, but for an actual trend real women will wear out on the world,no I don't think so; at least for the majority of us! LOL Thx for making me do a double take pretty lady, love interesting posts like this! XOXO, Elif

  11. I read about these loud, in-your-face, graphic, arsty, graffiti trends the other day on a Fashion Magazine, A T-Shirt with such "Loudness" maybe but head to toe absolutely not. I am not digging any of the Outfits above. They aren't stylish at the slightest. That's all. LOL

  12. I so agree. WTF was exactly what I thought. And yek (don't know how to write that LOL).


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