18 April 2014

Foodie Weekend - Baguette Express Dubai

When I first heard of Baguette Express, I imagined another American fast food chain of which I must admit is not my cup of tea since as many know, I am quite careful with what I eat.  Not that I am fussy or such, but I am quite particular on what I cram my body with for health and lifestyle reasons and fast food is definitely not on my list of choice. So, when I attended the opening and tasting session of Baguette Express's 3rd store in Emaar Business Park, Dubai last week, I was surprise to find out 2 things - First that the chain was not American but originally from Scotland and second, it was not the kind of fast food joint I imagined it to be!

Not only that Baguette Express serves fresh affordable light meals and snacks, they can be healthy too (just watch your choice of bread or go without!), offering unlimited variety of over 25 filings stuffed into either baguettes, paninis or wraps. On top of that the store also offers an all day dining choices with the likes of pastas, soups and salads on the menu. While sampling some of the food on display, I had an opportunity to chat a bit with the General Manager, Mr Pawan Jain that informed me of his future plans for the store. In the near future, this store will be hosting Friday brunches, theme buffet nights and very soon, will offer delivery service. Frankly speaking, if I were to be one of those executives working in Emaar Business Park, I would be jumping with joy as this would mean I don't have to compromise my healthy eating pattern even if I had to eat at my office desk! And on my 'cheat' day, I could splurge on one of those desserts on the menu... Tiramisu, anyone?

Baguette Express
Building 4
Emaar Business Park
Dubai, UAE
Tel : 04-3961943
Opens Daily 7am - 11pm

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  1. Wow, nice... I would welcome a healthy fast food restaurant, for sure. It would be lovely to have more choice, and be certain that whatever you eat also has some nutritional value. I sometimes have to grab lunch in a hurry between work appointments, and I hate that I have to compromise on the quality of the food just because I only have half an hour.

    1. I used to eat crappy meals too when I was working full time.. it was terrible. I was not overweight but I looked sick, must be the lack of nutrition and MSG overload. I think a bowl of nice salad and some lean protein would do nice.. and of course, at a proper table! I hate having to eat on the run..

  2. Sounds great! Do you have Subway restaurants in Dubai? Like you, I'm careful about what I eat and avoid most fast food restaurants but I can get a healthy sandwich at Subway by making the right choice of bread and fillings.

    1. Elaine, it is something like Subway but better as it also serves warm proper food like pasta, soups and nice salad dishes.. yes, I too skip the sauces and dressings at Subway.. they are the killer! :) Hope you are well..

  3. Mmm who doesn't love some good eating?! This looks delicious! Great post :) have a happy Easter!

  4. ok.. now im really hungry hahahaha

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  5. That first salad dish with the steak on top looks divine. The bruschetta looks awesome, too.


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