04 May 2013

Beautiful Spaces Part 3 - Outdoor living

If there is another thing that I love after waking up to a fabulous view, it would be bringing outdoor to my daily life.  There is nothing more relaxing than lounging on a soft comfortable seating with fresh air and breeze while sipping an icy glass of Mojito and a good book over my lap.  I can stay like that the whole day.  Outdoor living to me can be in many forms - a well furnished balcony or lanai, a little gazebo or pergola by the pool, an extended living area that spills out to the yard or just a simple patio.  

In our current home we have an outdoor dinning area in the backyard and a small patio in the front with some garden furniture.  We wanted to get a nice set of rattan sofa set for the patio (this is the plus about Dubai that has next to nothing rain) but unfortunately the area is not big enough to house the set.  So for now we are happy with a small set of simple furniture with a parasol over it.  Thankfully Dubai is still a relatively safe city where we can still have furniture and decor in the garden and get away alright  without having to install intruder alarms !

Outdoor living is a major plus for those who live in places with good weather all around the year (like in South California) without having to go through the packing and unpacking process comes the harsh season.  Over here in Dubai we can still enjoy our outdoor space 6 out of 12 months a year.. well, not too bad considering..

Elements of a dream outdoor living area: 

Green surrounding - nature, well trimmed garden
Comfortable seats - mixture of wood or rattan and fabric
Some form of shades - Parasol, gazebo, pergola
Dramatic lighting - Spotlights, candles, lanterns or even fireplace
A source of water - pool, water feature, man made pond

I leave you this weekend with some breathtaking images of outdoor living area and I would love to hear about your idea of great outdoor space.  Until Monday, have a great weekend and warmest greetings from Dubai!

* Disclaimer : None of the pictures above are mine, they are shots I found while browsing the internet looking for inspiration for my own outdoor space.


  1. Wow, that looks soo nice. I like that style of interiors. Have a nice weekend.


  2. I love outdoor living...so many of the new homes here in Southern California have amazing outdoor living areas. I love all the images in your post...the 5th pic reminds me of something I would see in some hip L.A. lounge.


    1. I think the 5th picture is a true example of live is outdoor rather than indoor. The interior looks so simple!

  3. I'm very much an outdoor person and I'm fortunate enough to live in the Mediterranean:)where I can make the most of it. I love these photos, my husband also joined in reading this post because he is also interested in outdoors design.

    1. Lucky you! Hope you and husband enjoyed the post and pictures :)

  4. Wow, some amazing pictures....I love the glass house and the sunken seating area, so divine!xx

  5. Gorgeous Spaces, so much beautiful inspiration & relaxation. Due to many Late Party Arrivals, I won't be able to post my Special Birthday Blog Post until tomorrow evening, I am hoping no later than 6.00 PM Eastern time. =) Make sure you link back on Monday or mention smth about it on your blog. Thanks so much. =)

  6. Wow, so beautiful! I love that we share the taste of modern, minimal architecture with a lot of square angles!



  7. wow, AMAZING! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

  8. these look like perfect little oaisises. the second one of the second set is my favorite.
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Love that we're seeing more indoor living moving outdoors. People are enjoying more of their space and they are doing it in a beautiful way! The furnishes, the extra touches and the landscaping really makes a difference compared to the old patio furniture of days gone by.


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