12 May 2012

FOODIE WEEKEND - Party Food Part 2 - Vegetable and Shrimp Dumplings

Happy Sunday everybody! Hope everybody is having a great time with family and loved ones.

A few posts ago I shared a salsa recipe that I always prepare during gatherings in my house and today I am sharing with you another simple but yummy recipe of something that would go perfectly with the salsa.  

This dish I called 'deep fried dumpling' or 'cucur' in the original language, is what my mom used to prepare for snack.  The whole basket would disappear within minutes!  I remember we (my siblings and I) used to play 'I see' with the dumpling that would make all sorts of shapes that resembles animals or even faces! The simplicity and crunchiness of this easy to prepare dish just make it irresistible to avoid!

Vegetable and shrimp Cucur/Dumpling

Ingredients (makes about 50 dumplings)

150 grams shredded cabbage
100 grams shredded carrots
1 whole onion slice thinly
1/2  cup of chopped chives (I didn't put in mine today, not available)
 2 clove of garlic chopped
1 vegetable cube
150 grams shrimps, shelled and chopped into pieces
350 grams of multi-purpose flour
100 grams rice flour
1 3/4 cups of water
Salt to taste, about 1/2 teaspoon
Vegetable oil for frying


Dilute vegetable cube in the water and set aside
Mix the 2 types of flour together with salt in a mixing bowl
Add the rest of the ingredients into the flour mixture
Gradually add water/cube mixture and turn the flour mix into liquid 
Mix well until smooth without any lumpy flour present
Heat some vegetable oil in a pan, about enough for deep frying.
Using the tablespoon or teaspoon (depending on the size you like your dumpling to be) scoop the mixture and drop it into the hot oil.
Keep on doing that until the pan is full, leaving some space between them.
Dumpling is ready when it turns golden brown.
Scoop out and leave on padded surface (I used kitchen paper towel) to soak the excess oil.
Serve with salsa or ketchup but I highly recommend the salsa!

Note : Most recipe do not use rice flour but I use it because rice flour makes the dumpling crunchier and produce less soggy dumplings!


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  2. Ooh looks so good! I wish I could have some right now. My mouth is watering I can almost taste it. I will deff. Try it soon insh. I hear it's really starting to heat up in Dubai?

    1. P, Yup Dubai is hot now.. I was running to my car today from the supermarket like I was running in the rain!

    2. You probably get just as wet only not fom the rain but from the sweat from the humidity!

    3. You are so right! My hair gets flat after 3 seconds of stepping outside due to humidity.. bad!

  3. The vegetable dumpling looks like the food from my country...
    We also have that food :)
    Nice review :)

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  4. Really! Your housemate is from Indonesia! Is she a student?
    Where do you actually live in?

    By the way I have followed your blog since long time :)


    1. Ouch! How did I miss you? My apology then :) I was telling you that my house-maid as in my helper is from Indonesia, Jawa Barat. We live in Dubai. Thanks for following :)

  5. cute!!!


  6. Its great post! I'll try this)


  7. Wow looks delish!


  8. one word. YUM!!!!

  9. Love also Fashion and Food ,i´m a new Follower! :))

    Wish you a great Week ,lovely Greetings from Vienna ♡

  10. Oh I remember seeing something like this in Malaysia. I'll have to try this! I have plenty of rice flour which has been sitting there for a while. I think my Indonesian hubby will flip if he ever sees a plate of these cucurs.

    1. Oh, they are dangerous these cucur.. one after another and the next thing you know a dozen, gone!

  11. oh my god this looks great!



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