30 April 2012

Good Morning! My Daily Dose

I bet everyone of us has the normal morning routine that we follow to start of our day.  Well, for me, life never start before my usual peanut butter (chunky) spread brown bread, coffee and of course my daily read, The 7Days!

I never actually care about newspapers before coming to Dubai but for the past 7 years, it has become a routine to read during breakfast.  This morning newspaper called 7 Days (but available for only 5) arrives my house without fail from Sunday to Thursday.  How convenient!  Some of the stories are appalling and make your heart ache and some could make me laugh my head off!

'The I don't know whether to laugh or cry'

'The Pet Patrol'

My favourite page - 'The Letters'

'The Justice for All'

'The Painful Reality' - Makes me wonder what ever happened to heart? 
Maybe there was no heart to begin with :(

This is when the coffee became tasteless... 


  1. Replies
    1. ;) I wonder if his wife was reading LOL!

  2. Oh my! Ths is too much in one morning! Most of it is awfull,no one ha any common sense. I ave to say tho, the classic car wife is a hoot. Do you mind if I type t up and share it?

    1. Please, be my guest :) Isn't it hilarious?

  3. Wow, living in Dubai must be so interesting! I love your daily routine...great protein in the morning with the peanut butter. Looks yummy! And those stories in the newspaper...crazy! My favorite is the tiger out the window, ha! Thanks for stopping by Wrinkled Chiffon and leaving such lovely comments! Have a great day!

    xo Grace

  4. I really enjoyed reading your Dubai news with your today! haha! I loved the image of the tiger out the window! How interesting- it really reminded me of The Hangover!!



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