22 March 2012

The truth about high heels and me

Oh, high heels..  It is always bittersweet for me to talk about them.  How I love them.  I can spend hours at the shoe department in Harvey Nichols, trying them on.  Lately, there are so many beautiful pairs, so many styles and heights but sadly, most of them are not for me. 


I have a bunion on my right foot.  Yes, it may not be pretty but it is a common problem faced by many including fashionista and designer Victoria Beckham.  I do not actually remember when it actually happened.  What I remember is that when I was working in advertising as an Account Servicing Executive; I was running around between pitches in high heels.  It was never a problem for me.  I had many pairs and colors to match my suits (yes, those days in early 90s, ‘matchy-matchy’ was in) and how I rocked them.  Then I quit advertising industry and ventured into TV Production where most of the time people were in their tees, jeans and tennis shoes running around shoots and studios.  My high heels were forgotten, given away to siblings, friends or dusting in the shoe closet. 

Brian Atwood

Many years later,  I moved to Dubai and made some new friends.  I started going out with my new found friends for ‘girl brunch’ once a week.  Some of the ladies were wearing their high heels and I was inspired again.  But my heels, they didn’t like me anymore!  They hurt so bad after half an hour and made me wonder how did Victoria Beckham do it?  What’s her secret?  Maybe there is no secret.  Maybe you have to suffer for fashion.  Maybe that’s why she hardly smiles because her bunions are screaming inside those sky high Louboutin! 


So I stopped wearing heels, especially the court/closed type with pointy tips (Manolo? Forget it!) I stopped buying expensive shoes due to fear of wasting money if they didn’t work out for me.  

Nicholas Kirkwood

But a few days ago, my hope to be ‘elevated’ in style again was back as high as the 5 inches Brian Atwood, when I bought a pair of high heels from Nine West with rounder tips (think YSL Tribute pumps) just to see how I’d do in them and guess what?  They didn’t hurt!  I walked perfectly in them so far (errr, for about half hour)!  Maybe the rounder tips help.  Maybe it is too soon to judge.  I am going to try using the shoes until October (my next visit to the States) and if they worked out fine for me, I’m going to treat myself to a pair of YSL Tribo pumps and if not, I’ll just console myself with a pair of Chanel Cambon flats instead!  Either way, the wait will be worth it J

My 'training pair' Nine West. 

Does any of you ladies have the same problem?  If so, how do you manage? 


  1. Mrs C, I'm with you on that! After wearing heels for some time my feet started to turn.... not so pretty! Now I have to be careful with the type of shoes I wear. The pointy toed pumps are probably the worse, but I love them so much! I heard that you can be genetically predisposed to bunions (my mom has them and they are very bad). Just be careful and choose your fashion weapons wisely!

    1. Yikes! Now thinking back about it, my mom has them too! M y boys won’t need high heels ;) and since I have no daughter, I won’t be passing this down to another high heel loving soul. I went to see a podiatric and she thinks mine is too mild for surgery and prescribe me with an insole instead but I will be careful with shoes and amount of time spend with them. Thanks Bunnie for your info :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! I used to run in heels albeit mid-heels and I was fine. When I started working from home with a toddler in tow, I stopped wearing heels. I have bunions on both feet - definitely genetically predisposed as Bunny mentioned. I got rid of all my Manolos. Can't do pointy heels anymore. I tried Louboutins but my feet - my goodness, they killed me. So, I'm still on a hunt for manageable heels. Let me know how these work out. Do share if you've found any

  3. I agree, its SO hard wearing heels. I only do it when I'm alone and out and about =) You have great taste, love all of the shoes esp the loubies =) Thank you for the comment and please keep following me! =)

  4. 3-31/2 inch max heels... wedges are comfortable...

    I love heels...but I love my back more... :)

    1. Hi, resham! Welcome back :) Agree with you.. I wont be able to walk in anything more than that!


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