27 March 2012

Mall Therapy

It finally rained yesterday here in Dubai after almost 2 years of no serious raining.  At least yesterday morning we could see the puddles on the street, wet grass in the garden and that fresh after rain breeze.  I sort of miss rainy days when the city literaly submerged after a few hours of rain and my wellies would make their appearence ;) 

Picture taken from my bedroom window about 2 years ago when it rained the last in Dubai. 

Captain went on his trip to Venice and I thought I would take some ‘fresh air’ aka mall therapy today.  Since I am still down with cold, I decided to put on this light poncho and scarf to protect myself from the full blast air conditioning in the mall.  Sometimes I think they are overdoing this air-conditioning thing especially at the malls.  Brrr...!

I love this poncho.  I have used it a lot especially when travelling in the aeroplane.  It is big and comfortable, just perfect!  The pink scarf has doubled as a sarong on many beach vacations.  It is big and bright and this dull (grey and black) outfit needed exactly that.


Poncho : H&M
Leggings : Jane Norman
Scarf : Splash
Bag : Vintage Chanel
Booties :  Naturalizer
Bangles : Parfois
Ring : Gift from Captain
Pictures by : AD


  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL poncho :)

    And I love your bag too!! I have a bunch of Chanel inspired bags in like every color and style possible and I can't stop collecting them. Hmm. Might be becoming a bit of an obsession!! :D But a good one!

    You look awesome :D

    1. Quilted purses are nice, aren't they?

  2. love the vintage Chanel!


    1. Vintage are the best, they are well made and sturdy. Loving your red jumbo :)

  3. the pink n gray looks stunning...but the best part of this pic was the smile!!! Its like the Happy Smile..not the modelling smile... :) :)

    1. Thanks Resham.. my sons found a new technique of making the pictures look natural and not posing so we were experimenting. They found out that I could move around and the camera would capture all the movements frame by frame and we could later choose the shots we like! It took the boys to figure out coz if it was up to me, it's just point and shoot! Hopeless! ;)


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