05 March 2012

Does this sound familiar?

Ok, does this sound familiar? You have a closet full of clothes, bags and shoes but most of the stuffs in there ended up with tags after months of purchase but still you can't stop buying more. Well, that's me. The other night I was watching a programme called 'Gok's Fashion Fix' which talked about getting the 'Haute Couture' look with High Street items. But what caught my attention was Gok's mantra "Buy less, wear more". That's exactly what I should do! Wear more!

So, I figured why not try to wear whatever I have in the closet and see how many outfits I can put together and share with you here!

You see, I do not splurge on every single thing I buy. I have to say I am quite proud of my wisdom when it comes to spending. When I splurge, I splurge on key items.  Since I am a mom, my style has to be practical and suits whatever I am doing that day. 

So here I am today, out to the saloon for a trim.


Jacket : Massimo Dutti
Jeans : Juicy Couture
Tank top : GAP
Bag : Balenciaga City
Shoes : Aldo


  1. love that balenciaga bag! and good for you to shop your closet- i bet you'll find a million more ways to wear things you already have :-) maybe you should try the 30 for 30 challenge...it may help :-)

    love that youre living in Duabi! how fun!

  2. Hey, there Nuha! Thanks for dropping by :) That is a good idea about 30 for 30. I heard about that from one of the bloggers. Maybe I should try ;) Thanks again!

    p.s. Dubai is great especially during the winter/spring :) Summer can be a bit too hot though

  3. Nice outfit!


  4. Thank you, Yola, Disturb style and t!


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