22 February 2012

Wardrobe must have # 5 – Blazer

Frankly speaking, 80% of the time I would be in some comfortable t-shirt and  a pair of well-worn jeans but there are times that I need to switch from that to a more sophisticated look for some reasons like going to the boys’ school or visiting some government offices; and how do I do this?  I just slip on a pair of blazer.  It takes the whole outfit to another level and gives a more polished look.

Investing in a blazer is a smart thing to do as it can be matched with absolutely anything, from a casual outfit to a more elegant one.  I love blazers in colors but if you must have only one, have it in a darker color like navy blue or charcoal or even black.  These colors are easy to match with and you can never go wrong with them.  When buying, make sure that they are not too big or too fitted.  Too big it will look too boxy and too fitted you might have problems layering.  Besides we all should avoid the ‘Bruce Banner turns Incredible Hulk’ stretched look especially on the back.  Wear blazers with anything: with a pair of distress, ripped boyfriend jeans, with a pair of colored skinny jeans, with a pair of shorts or even a cute mini dress.  I love blazers and I am happy that they do not come with those awful shoulder pads from the 80’s anymore.  

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