22 February 2012


Lets face it, it is not everyone’s thing to buy old used stuff from tens of years ago and for that reason vintage items are not for some.  Some even think why should  we pay that amount of money (these old things they are not exactly cheap, ya) buying old items when we can spend a little bit more buying new.   Well, opinion varies from person to person. 

I for one do not mind buying vintage; it is like buying a piece of history, piece that has a story behind it.  Through the years I have bought some vintage pieces on Ebay, Etsy and even antique shops.  They are in great condition and worth the hunt.  Bear in mind that some vintage can be pricey and takes a little bit of hunting down. 

I scored this vintage Chanel tassel bag on ebay.  I tell you, I was so much in love with the bag that I couldn't sleep the night before the auction ended.  The bag is from mid 90s and in a perfect condition.  I really love the asymmetrical flap pocket with the iconic interlocking CC and the tassel of course!

This grey vintage Chanel tassel bag with all chain strap makes me smile everytime I see her.  She was born the same year as my first born son, 1991!  She was first bought in Chanel boutique (by her previous owner) in Japan and when I bought her from a consignment store here in Dubai, she had been on the shelve for a while.  I guess we were meant to be together, haha!  I love, love, love the grey color, the softness of the lamb skin she's made of and of course, the tassel.   And if I care for her well, my son's wife might be able to enjoy her one day who ever she would be and she could say "This bag is as old as my husband" 

When we first came to Dubai, we bumped into this antique shop that sells all sort of things and there we saw this necklace/choker.  What we didn't like was the price.  So, Captain, knowing I really liked the piece, bargained with the shop owner.  The owner stuck to his gun and we left.  Through the year, we kept on going back and still the owner wouldn't budge.  About a year and a half from the first time we saw the choker  we went to the shop again and the choker was still there!  I guess the owner realized how desperate we were and that better for him to let it go at a lesser price rather than risk not selling it at all and gave in to our price! It was worth a wait.  

Ok, there was a phase in my life that I went really crazy over kimonos.  It's all Nicole Richie's fault.   So I started buying vintage kimonos online and wore them over a tee and leggings.  I still wear them and simply love the contrast of oversize billowy top and slim bottom.  This one is my favourite out of the few I bought.  She came from the 50's (post war) and in an excellent condition!  I bought this particular one from an online vintage shop that sells all things from Japan.

So, what’s your opinion on vintage items?  I'd love to hear from you : )


  1. Love your blog! Thank for following our group through IFB we
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  2. wow that bag is BEAUTIFUL! I am so jealous!!


    1. Alexa, thank you for dropping by! Good things come to us all :)
      Visiting your blog in a bit ;)

      p.s. love the name Alexa, like the bag

  3. I love the Channel bag so much!
    I've only just started buying Vintage and have gotten some strange comments from my mom about wanting to buy old stuff haha! But i absolutely adore it (when it's branded) and have found some wonderful pieces! great post :)


    1. I am so honoured that you stopped by :) Thank you.
      My mom havd her fair share or comments too haha! Anyway, congrats on your pieces and wear them in good health!



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