07 February 2012

Fitness Footwear

"Better be safe than sorry"

That's how the saying goes and with 100% truth to it.  I have been working out regularly for the past 8 years and for a while I never care too much about the kind of footwear I use for that purpose.  As a result,  I learned the painful way about the importance of good, proper footwear when working out.  About 3 and half years ago, I tore the meniscus in my left knee while working out and was not able to walk or climb the stairs without pain.  Thanks to the improper footwear I was using back then, I was not able to work out for many months and gained quite a bit of weight in the process.

Whether your workout involves running, aerobic or even weight training, a proper footwear is crutial to prevent injury to the foot, ankle or knee from occuring.  There are shoes for every type of excercise available in the market.  Each comes with special features to benefit from.  Running shoes have build-in shock absorber, perfect for joggers.  Walking shoes are made lightweight while shoes for aerobic are light and built to cushion the ball of the foot from the impact of the workout.  There are also shoes for playing sports.  For example, tennis shoes have flexible soles that protect feet from the quick side to side movements and basketball shoes have high top and thick soles to provide extra protection to the ankle and foot from the impact of jumping during the game.

While choosing a pair of shoes, make sure that you put on a pair of sport sock to ensure the perfect fit.  Leave some space between your toes and the tip of the shoes so that you could wiggle your toes comfortably.  Bend the shoes to make sure that they are not overly flexible as this indicates lack of  support.  Best to shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening when the feet are the largest these time.

Again, better be safe than sorry and ensure that you have proper shoes on when you hit the gym or the park for a sweat!

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