04 February 2012

How to benefit more from your cardio?

Picture this scenario.  You’ve been going for a jog every other day for weeks now but you see little to no changes at all to your weight.  Well, this is a typical problem when it comes to cardio.  It is a fact that if we want to loose weight or body fat, cardio is the answer but how do you get the most out of your cardio workout? 


You add interval training to it.

What is interval training? 

Interval training is when you alternate the intensity of your workout from high to low in one session of workout.  For an example you can always run on the treadmill at the same speed for 30 minutes to burn calories but you will burn more calories if you were to run at a very high speed (sprint) for 1 minute and then walk for 30 seconds and repeated that over and over for the whole 15-20 minutes.  Research has shown that by adding interval training to your workout, you’ll burn more calories during and after each workout. 

I hate going to the gym, but I do not have any equipment at home so I use simple method for my interval.  I would do very fast jumping jack for a full 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds and repeat this for the whole 10-15 minutes.  The effect is the same.  This method is perfect for mummies who do not have time to run over to the gym or park but still wants to keep fit or trim down.  Do this exercise twice every other day for a month and you will see the difference!  But if you have the luxury of going to the gym, the running interval is the best.  You can always do the same with cycling if it is your cup of tea.  Just don’t forget the intervals!

Good luck!

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