18 July 2014

Trend - Fool on Full Skirt

I might not be a super lady-like person that look great in dresses, poised, with hair immaculately done but once in a blue moon, I like to feel like one. By that it means I would put on extra layer of mascara and lipstick, blow dry my hair and dig deep into my closet looking for that pair of skirt or dress I have forgotten about and try to make the best out of it. Lately, I found myself looking more at the full skirt trend. I even pull a few pairs from the rack while browsing the mall and into the dressing room to try them on but often I found myself feeling like a fool if not looking like a fool in most of them. I guess some girls are made for skirt and some like me, would look uneasy, overdressed and stumpy in these beautiful trend. Maybe I am just a fool that just don't know the rule to this full skirt trend. Maybe I have yet to find a pair that fits me. May be... So, is there a rule to looking good in full skirt? How would you wear them?  What about the length? Is there a rule to that too? Please share :)

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  1. And I love such ladylike outfits, sometimes I think like every girl should try to look as feminine as she can) Well, it depends. Thank You for sharing such a nice post, those outfits are really inspiring.
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  2. This is one of my favorite trends - always flatering and classy! Great for all seasons too.

  3. Hi Mrs C, I love this trend and I honestly think you would look good in it too!

    xo Jo


  4. I love, love midi skirts and I would LOVE to see you rocking a midi skirt. I can definitely picture you in a midi and simple, chic tee.
    Happy weekend!
    Bogi, http://redreticule.com

  5. I guess it is a matter of finding the skirt or dress that suits your personality and works with your proportions. I don't wear skirts much, they don't seem to fit my body. Most of the time the waist is supposed to sit just below the natural waist, and as I have a narrow waist, the skirt rides up towards my armpits..so not a good look. And the full skirt.... Well, if you're tall and slim... I'm not, so... Dresses are easier to wear (for one, the waistline stays put...), but I favour more slimline dresses, might go for a fuller, 50s inspired dress for summer. And usually something that comes to my knees, a good lenght for a short person, what do you think?

    1. I instead have no waistline. I am quite muscular and not tall at all (5'3"). The skirt seems to sit oddly on my'natural' waist that makes me look like my torso is really short. In dresses I kind of look awful too especially the body-con type as I look as straight as the lamp post. The best dress type for me is the drop waist maxi or empire cut dresses with A line.. yeah, the length for me (I think) has to be either all the way down or right at the knees

  6. I do like a good full skirt yet I, like you, dislike feeling uneasy and compromised by an outfit. I say keep trying on skirts till you find one that is just right for you. You can be like the goldilocks of skirts - only much more cooler!!

    1. Aaaww.. thanks Yasumi, I wish I am half as cool as you are!

  7. Super pretty skirts!
    Dawn Lucy

  8. Very difficult to pull off. For the wider skirts I think you have to be in your twenties or thirties. Otherwise it will look too childish. For less wide skirts it depends how they sit. You need high heels (or boots).
    If you do not have a slim waist, you will have to search for that one gem that makes you look like you have one. All in all, not an easy trend in my opinion.

  9. Length is always an issue for me...I can easily look like the skirts wearing me. I have 3 midis at the seamstress getting hemmed. I find if they hit mid-calf or higher I'm usually ok.

  10. I love full, A-line skirts. They are feminine, full of impact, fun, girly, bold, dressy, sophisticated and always stylish. I pinned all these pretty outfits. The last 4 are my favorites. =)

    Thanks for the inspiration, Ida.


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