28 May 2014

Trend : Boxy Crossbody Bag

Proenza Shouler


Rag and Bone


Sophie Hulme

Rebecca Minkoff

...and the one that I am drooling for by Rag and Bone

Resisted as long as I could on this trend and regretted the day I sold (for like $15) my first ever good handbag by Charles Jourdan (oh, yes it was HUGE back in the 80s) that would fit into this category of bags perfectly. This retro shape bags are so versatile and would bring you from day to night, dresses to shorts in a swift.  And as for the design, less is more in my honest opinion.. the studs and frills would just defeat the whole simple retro concept. The one from Celine is simply divine but its that little shiny black boxy Rag and Bone that really caught my eyes... but how do I justify another handbag? I'll find a way ;)

What about you? Are you too, like me, bitten by the boxy bugs or they just pass you by without a second glance? Love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I have the tendency to pile things I must admit. It's hard for me to get rid of anything and it's hard to find places to sell your things here (we don't have yard sales). I often donate clothes but now the goodwill and the rest cross are always telling us that they need other stuff not clothes...anyway, I do like your selections! lovely bags all of them!

  2. Oh yeah, I've definitely fallen for this style of bag, even though they hold nothing in my opinion, I still can't get over them! And that Rag n Bone is pretty special too. I think you couuuuld justify another purchase. Just sayin'


  3. I love the black one as well but I have so much stuff in my bag and always have to think "practical" when buying a bag so it is a bit small for me. But they are all very pretty!

  4. i'm with you! i love all of them.. i'm especially in love with the givenchy obsedia http://www.barneys.com/Givenchy-Obsedia-Small-Crossbody-Bag/00505026776736,default,pd.html SO cute!

    i have a small box bag from a. mcqueen with a leopard print.. and i just adore it to pieces!!

    a girl can never have one too many bags lol!

    ahh i'm so glad someone understands.. i definitely feel a lot of pressure. from my parents and even my in laws.. my husband..i do think some of it i give myself (especially in regards to my husband i mean the man loved me when i was 230 pounds lol!) but i do feel like they put a lot of pressure on me but i have to learn how to let go and remember other peoples issues aren't mine!!


  5. I remembered Charles Jourdan :) I had some bags from the brand too and sold it as well. I can't believe that the boxy cross body bags are back in trend again! I find myself longing for the Celine box. I've been tempted to get it more than once, but I have to remind myself that I'm saving for our vacation, so I'll have to refrain for now. If I win the lottery, that'll be a different story!

  6. I definitely think these are classic, nicely-made and tailored enough to be more than a trend. Love them all, especially the first black bag, the white and the red ones.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. <3 Ada.

  7. Love this shape, it's such a classic. It's really a staple too! I need one like this. Love the red!

  8. I love my little crossbody bags (wore one of my mini MACs today actually!) I think they are cute for errands :) The boxy shape is a very classic style too, they all look good!

    Away From The Blue


  9. http://www.vanessa-bruno-soldes.fr/

  10. These are very practical bags, and sometimes you just want to have your hands free so a crossbody bag is perfect (when out shopping, or on holiday, for instance, makes it more difficult for bag snatchers, too).

  11. the silver rag and bone is sexy! I totally get what you see in the black one:)

  12. I love a good cross body. Did I just make that sound dodgy?

  13. I love these bags. I'll take one of each please! haha. If only I could. =D

  14. Everything is soooooo drool-worthy Mrs. C.....have a lovely weekend!!!


  15. Love the red bag! Although I typically carry bigger slouchier bags...I tend to haul around a lot of crap! Ha!

  16. Boxy bugs have bitten me quite some time ago hence the Proenza Schouler I've owned since last year =D
    I remember Charles Jourdan!


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