15 March 2014

Foodie Weekend : Chop Suey

It all started with a couple of friends, a passion for food and a longing for a little something of home. The result was a family friendly casual dining experience with fantastic variety of delicious quality food; Chop Suey, located on the Ground Floor of Jumeirah Beach Plaza, Dubai is a new Chinese restaurant that embraces the concept of Chinese cuisine created by immigrants in the United States that spread worldwide to become the Chinese food we all familiar with either through the media or first hand experience. Remember the famous cardboard delivery box from the movies?

Walking into the restaurant greeted by the ever so friendly hostesses Diana and Dina, I could immediately feel the casual, easy dining experience that awaited. I simply loved the minimalist exterior with 'mixed and matched' chairs and the beautiful mural that dominated the room. Glancing through the menu, I could't help but noticing with excitement (besides the 'NO MSG IN OUR KITCHEN' note on the menu) some familiar items like: arrays of dim-sum, spring rolls and great choices of soups to start. Going deeper into the main menu, I could tell a lot of research had been put into creating these fabulous selections. Among others Peking Duck, Manchurian Chicken, Szechuan Style Prawns, Black pepper Wasabi Beef and for the ones with an acquired taste, the Lobster in XO sauce. Also a splendid selection of mouthwatering desserts.

Together with some blogger friends, Lady and Mariam, we sampled many items on the menu and I have to say the ones that I was most impressed with were the Prawn Toast with Sesame, Black Pepper Wasabi Beef, Sizzling Silky Tofu with Broccoli and the unusual yet delicious Green Tea Creme Brulee. 

In my opinion as a fellow customer, Chop Suey had all the quality of a 'must return' restaurant - great authentic food (one of the chefs was from mainland China!), value for money (a 3 course meal for one would be around AED 100 and the portion was good), casual, family friendly setting and location, location, location! I was thinking who needs picnic basket when hitting Beach Park when Chop Suey is just a street cross away?!

For more information on delivery (yes, they do home delivery with cardboard box, chopsticks and all), menu and prices, visit their website www.chopsuey.ae

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  1. Wow thanks for sharing this fun & delectable experience Mrs. C! BTW, I'm trying to catch up with Pinterest again (I fell off the tracks a few months back)....why don't we follow each other there?


  2. Those food pictures look great! So tasty that I'm now craving Chinese food, which isn't such a good idea as it's almost midnight, and I'm in the Danish countryside with no Chinese restaurants within miles:)

    1. Well, you have to come back to Dubai sooner, Mitzie so that we can all go and sample some great food at Chop Suey! We miss you! :)

  3. i hear of this place only in movies , but i really want to taste it , it seems so deliciuous!!! muaaa

    Un Rincón Para Mis Botas

  4. Wow!! I am hungry all over again. Such delicious food and photos!! Thanks for stopping by :). Keep in touch..

  5. It looks like a very nice place where to have a dinner with some friends! I love Chinese food...

  6. that really looked amazing! would love to try chopseuy out before i go.

  7. OMG, I am currently real hungry and your post didn't help at all. I love Asian cuisine. All those dishes look delish.

    That Tofu dish and the Dessert you mentioned, especially. YUUUUMMMM!!


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