30 January 2014

iCream is in town!

I love this tag line!

Who doesn't like dessert? Sweet, succulent flavor with smooth texture, hmm... just wish sometimes they come  with lesser calorie. Now, imagine this.. a dessert parlor that gives you the freedom to choose your own ingredients to create your choice of dessert that is freshly prepared especially for you. Now, do I get your attention?

Yesterday I was invited to the opening of the first iCream franchise in the Middle East at Al Ghurair Centre, here in Dubai. This one stop frozen dessert cafe originating from Chicago, USA has a brilliant concept of made to order ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet or milkshake using the ingredients specifically chosen by the customers. They have everything from skinny milk, soya milk for the lactose intolerant, sugar free, fresh fruits, candies.. you name it, chances are they have it. You can also bring your 'special' ingredients from home if you wish!  Camel milk, anyone?

Not only that, the customers could also witness the making of their favorite dessert that takes less than 5 minutes using the rapid liquid nitrogen freezing process.  Boy, I tell you it looked like a scene in some Sci-Fi films and if I was excited watching the whole smoky freezing process, can you imagine the children?

There were so many possible combinations and I wanted to try at least one from each category. So try I did.  They were seriously delicious but the ones that really caught my attention were 'Peanut Butter OMG' ice cream and my own 'concoction' of plain yogurt with fresh mix berries. Out of those two, I have to say my own concoction topped the chart.  Reason being, I chose my own ingredients and less calories means less guilt!

The choice is all yours!

Now, tell me if this doesn't look like some scene from a Sci-Fi movie!

Peanut Butter OMG!

All in all I can say that iCream will definitely give its customers not only a good variety of choices when it comes to the menu but also an opportunity for them to be part of its unique experience.  In today's world where advanced dining and ample choices are vast, what differentiates one outlet from another is the experience that accompanies.

Level 2 New Extention
Al Ghurair Centre

My plain yogurt and mix berries.  2 thumbs up!

With Dubai's Food and Travel blogger Mitzie Mee

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  1. YUM! I actually only eat ice cream in the summer, but I guess it's warm all year round in Dubi :-

    Happy ice cream eating !

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    1. The correct impression of Dubai should be mostly scorching hot and warm a few months of the year, LOL! I am bummed coz it is already getting warm and it is only January!

  2. I loved that yogurt/strawberry combo of yours! I'll order that next time!

    1. Thought of taking the whole gang in the house there maybe next week.. I'll pass some voucher to Rachel to take her kid, she'd love the smoky effect!

  3. Nom nom. I'm hungry. Now I want to run out to our local fro yo and get some!

  4. I want a spoonful of the peanut butter flavor! I could eat ice cream even in 8-inch snow.

    1. Bogi, eat ice cream and still have body like yours? Now, that's a dream... :)

  5. Happy Chinese New Year Mrs C! I was never a fan of ice cream until recently. Totally addicted to Earnest Ice Cream (local), they are so creamy! These looked good too! LOVE your outfit! I don't look good in vest.

    xo Jo


    1. Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too, Jo! I think of course you could pull off a vest too, it is all about finding a perfect one :)

  6. This looks fun and delicious! And your laid back outfit is perfect for this occasion!

  7. This looks fun and desert is definitely delicious. We have a similar looking place which just opened up here.

  8. Oh wow the place look super duper fun! I would love to experience that! :)
    the ice cream looks so yummy! :)


  9. This looks fancy and so delicious! I love frozen yogurt. Hope you're enjoying your weekend! xo


  10. that ice cream all looks so yummy!

  11. how i envy you guys. but this place goes on my list of 'must try's!


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