01 December 2013

RIP Paul Walker...

Today with great sadness we all received the news that actor Paul Walker has died in a car crash yesterday in South California.  Him and his great charity work will be missed.  He will be remembered as the free spirited, simple, humbled all American boy with a great heart.  Rest in Peace, Paul...

 Paul with his beloved dog, Boone

... his passion the cars 

.. his 'first love' the sea

... and his now 15 year old daughter Meadow

* all pictures are from his fanpage


  1. I heard this new just two hours ago. That's such a city. i don't know if it was an accident or driver drove really irresponsibly. for sure they was going too fast. Anyway, whatever is the reason I'm so sad for his daughter and girlfriend
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    1. They must have gone pretty fast to destroy a car (Porshe Carrera GT) like that.. I saw the wreckage and it was bad. Apparently he was not driving the car.. yes, sad for his daughter to have lost her father at such a young age..

  2. I'm so sad about. I don't understand why life can be so hard sometimes. It was irresponsable to drive so fast, but death is always the worst thing.


  3. Paul's death was the first celebrity death that really affected me. It's obviously tragic when anyone dies, celebrity or not. Some may think it's silly to mourn a celeb's death since we (me) have never even met him in person. But I am and will always be a big fan, and it's really hard for me to think of his passing without tearing up about it. Amazing how quickly we are reminded that nothing is forever.


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