16 December 2013

Practical Dressing of Mommyhood

Good day, dear friends! Hope you had a good week so far.  Our humble home here in Dubai is filling up with guests jetting in from corners of the world joining us for this holiday season.  My eldest son arrived home from college, some relatives from Italy are arriving and even my only brother is dropping by late this week! So you can say this is a busy time for me yet a good one :)

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I was speaking to my brother recently and he was updating me on his wife whom is heavily pregnant with their 5th child and thinking what a joy for the whole family to receive another addition. This thought took me to a conversation I had with a friend that had her first baby a few months back on being today's mom and on how do moms nowadays get a break and feel good about themselves and regard the whole family life as rewarding and not degrading, that they could feel being a mom does not mean they have to say 'adios' to the concept of looking good and personal style. Take a look at those celebrity moms below and you'll get the picture!

Gone were the days where mothers had to be in sweat pants, baggy tees and unflattering shoes, most mothers today are more fashion forward yet still maintain the practicality of everyday wear while running around doing errands or be with the kids. It is all about putting together well fitting comfortable pieces in good colors, paired with funky accessories and great looking shoes. Quite effortless actually - swapping sweat pants with a pair of stylish boyfriend's jeans, baggy t.shirt with a cute tank top, those bulky sneakers with cute sandals, throw on some cute bracelets or statement necklace and there you have it, a stylish well put together mom! 

Some friends and relatives have asked me before on my idea on effortless mommy dressing and my answer was to stick to simple pieces, layer if must and most important of all, the fit! Choosing clothes that does not make us look like we accidentally bought clothes 3 sizes bigger or still wearing our maternity clothing or even looking like we are suffocating in too tight clothing for that matter is simply not flattering.  Instead take time and choose sensibly and we'd realized that there are a 'fashionista' in everyone of us, mom or not.

So, let us all raise our glasses salute to all moms and moms to be out there including my sister in law and my friend R... you are the BEST! Have a great week ahead, everyone!

* all pictures are courtesy of Pop Sugar unless specified


  1. I love all of their mom styles. I hope when I have this baby I can be a comfy but chic and stylish mommy!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. This muns are very stylish!

  3. Cute outfits! These mommies look fierce!

  4. Love the cargos Elle is wearing! Merry Christmas!


  5. My big sis has a little boy and she always manages to look chic and put-together. She uses her Neverfull as her purse/her son's toy and snack bag. I don't know how these chicks do it, I hardly have the time to put myself together, much less with a mini-me potentially running about!

  6. Mrs C, not only they look good now but even pregnant women are beautiful nowadays! Great post!

    xo Jo


  7. All gorgeous remarkable moms.....& that includes you Mrs. C!!! Happy Holidays my friend....it was a treat knowing you!!!


  8. wow! all these looks are so comfy and stylish at the same time!♥ love Angelina's outfit!:)



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