07 December 2013

Best Italian Restaurant In Dubai!

Happy weekend, dear friends!  This week, I was honored to be invited by fellow Dubai blogger Pinay Flying High to write a piece on my favorite restaurant in Dubai that reminds me of home.  Sadly I have yet to find a good Malaysian restaurant here that I could proudly recommend so I decided to write about the next closest to home for me and family, our favorite Italian restaurant.

My family and I always consider ourselves lucky for being in a mix marriage situation (I am a Malaysian and my husband is an Italian) as we are exposed on a daily basis to 2 fabulous cuisines.  I have to admit that Italian influences our dining table more as Italian cuisine is simpler to prepare yet flavorful and one can never go wrong with a good slice of pizza. Therefore we are always on a look out for good Italian restaurants or pizzerie to visit for our ritual weekly family night out.  After trying so many pizzas and dishes we could conclude that the best so far is Pizzaro as it serves authentic Italian dishes the closest to their original taste and recipe.

Pizzaro on Emaar Boulevard 

Pizzaro has an array of choices when it comes to food.  They have good selection of antipasti or starters, salads, pizzas, mains and desserts.  Being a small eater, I normally have a dish of antipasti or salad and bum a slice of pizza from my husband or children.  During my latest visit, I had Funghi Ripieni al Caprino or baked mushroom stuffed with goat cheese from the antipasti list and boy, was it delicious!  

If pizza is your thing, we would highly recommend La Bufalina.  It is basically a classic Margherita but instead of using the normal mozzarella (made from cow milk), the star of this pizza is the 'bufala' mozzarella made from buffalo milk.  The crust is made to perfection - thin, crunchy without being soggy. Some pizzas can get soggy especially when fresh cheese like the bufala is used but the one from Pizzaro still retains the crusty base and the consistency of the fabulous cheese.

The Bufalina

If pizza is not your dish, try the super succulent Ravioli di Porcini and you'll thank us later! This dish is my boys' favorite, they order it everytime! It is so good, so creamy and the flavor of porcini mushroom is just divine!  Highly recommended! Pizzaro makes good desserts too.  Their Tiramisu is gorgeous minus the Marsala wine.  If you don't fancy Tiramisu or prefer something more fresh, try the Ricotta and Lemon cheesecake, and don't be fooled by the name as it is not heavy at all!  

Ravioli di Porcini

There are many Italian restaurants in town, too many in-fact but to us what makes Pizzaro different and significant is that the food is simple, authentic, using fresh ingredients and closest to their original traditional flavors and recipes. When you find a restaurant that serves good food you enjoy, the bonus comes when it also gives good service with great attentive staffs that not only send food to your table but also know about the food they are serving and Pizzaro is one of those restaurants. They also do take out and delivery and with that what more could we ask for? For more information on the locations of the restaurants or delivery, visit www.pizzaro.me


  1. Yum this food looks delicious! I can never get enough of Italian food!

  2. It is a good thing I read this right after diner. Otherwise I would have been so peckish. Looks delicious.

  3. The food looks amazing! I love ravioli so I think I'll have to pay them a visit soon! Have a great week! xxx

  4. Oh, drooling! I can never pass up a delicious slice of pizza.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  5. I'm Italian and I can affirm that this food seems to be really good :D
    Have a nice week! I hope to see you soon :)
    Kisses from Italy

  6. Have you ever been to Santa Monica? There's a delicious italian restaurant in Santa Monica called Via Veneto that is to die for. Just sharing the info...being an italian foodie an all. : )


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