28 September 2013

Trending this week...

Weekend is here and I am sure we all have some plans, be it a short trip into the country-side or just simply hanging out with the family.  Somewhere this week I was informed that I was chosen to be among the Top 50 Moms Who Blog About Fashion And Beauty and now running to be in the top 10, a pleasantly surprising news actually! So if you could spare a minute and vote for me here I would really appreciate it.  Meanwhile, I leave you with a quick look at what's trending in my life this week!

My new gadget, Samsung Galaxy Note 2

YSL Tribute Sandal - Looking forward for my first pair to arrive!

The healthy and crunchy bean sprout - I can eat this everyday for the whole week! 

Cocktail ring - the simplest way to add pizzazz to an outfit

Candy Crushing... hooked! 

San Francisco, CA - heading that way early next month!

Thank you lovelies for dropping by and hope you all have a great weekend wherever you are.  Until Monday, sending you my warmest greetings from the land of sand, sun and surf - Dubai!


  1. Good to hear I'm not the only one hooked on Candy Crush! I even log onto my son's FB account to send myself lives!!!
    Lucky you who get to go to SF next month, love that city!!! And congrats to making the top 10!! Keep up the good work!!! Have a great Sunday, I'm back in the office...*sigh*

    1. OMG! I do the same with my sons' FB shamelessly! ;) Well, the SF is our ALT, have to use them, right? I wish I could go 'back' to the office sometimes.. *sigh* Have a good week!

  2. Right, that's me just voted. And I'm pleased to see that you seem to be the frontrunner at present. Good luck! And I am ashamed to admit that I had no clue what Candy Crush was…I just Googled it.

    1. Kristin, best not to know.. it is so addictive! ;) Thanks for the vote and still another month to go, so too early to celebrate ;)

  3. Congratulation on being chosen and good luck making the top 10! Those YSL shoes are absolutely fabulous!


  4. that is so exciting. I will head over and vote for you, what a great accomplisment dear :-) The red YSL heels are killer :-)


    PS: If you would love to join our link up theme to "Macaroon shades" tomorrow, you are more then welcome :-)

    1. Red pair of YSL is to die for but I chose black to be my first pair

  5. I'm afraid to play candy crush .. lol. I KNOW I'll get hooked .. :-P

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com


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