02 April 2012

New purchases!

Dubai is truly a shopping heaven.  There are so many places to shop, so many labels, boutique and department stores.  One of my favourite places to shop here is Aizone boutique.  There are many boutiques of its kind like Boutique 1, Etoile and Sauce but Aizone is the one that I like the most.  I especially love its 'Jeans Bar' where you can shop jeans from most brands - Siwy, Seven, Rock Republic, True Religion, Rich and Skinny, Juicy and Current Elliot to name a few, in one place!

The other day I paid Aizone and few other boutiques a visit and bought a few new things!

Rich and Skinny burnt red jeans to replace the one I bought from Forever 21 that does not fit too well.  Love the burnt red, gives the jeans the subtle worn out look.

Current Elliot Cargo Jeans.  Was surprise that I had to go 3 sizes down from my normal jeans size. 
This is my first from Current Elliot.

Armani Exchange light jacket perfect for Dubai weather.

Massimo Dutti 'sailing' jacket light enough for Dubai spring/summer


  1. I just visited Dubai in mid march for a week. The shopping was overwhelming, however I found it to be quite pricey compared to the us where I live. There were no sales either. Also debating if I should consider moving there. Would you consider sharing some advice with me? Really enjoying your blog by the way found it recently and was exited when I learned that you are in Dubai, having been there myself the week before!

    1. Hi! In my opinion the US is the best to shop too but Dubai is more convenient in the sense that it is filled with malls and 1 stop boutiques where you can get all the goodies in one roof. We have big sales twice a year (Jan/Feb and June/August)and that's when the madness starts ;) I love shopping in the States so much that me and husband we have our annual visit to shop!
      I am more than happy to help you in any way I can, email me anytime :)

  2. looks great! i want to visit dubai!!


  3. Great finds. I would love to go there as well.
    Thank you for visiting my blog a while back. I am just getting back.

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and couldn't help but peak into this post - I used to fly over to Dubai often for work and absolutely loved the shopping! You could easily spend a day in Dubai Mall and it felt like nothing. It's nice reading this as it reminds me of all the beautiful clothes I saw when over there.

    Ps, the Armani Exchange jacket is my fave!

    1. Thanks Lisa for dropping by! Speaking of Dubai Mall (which is 5 minutes from my place), I just got back from an outing with a friend there.. busy as usual, I'm pretty sure nothing much has changed since the last time you were there :)


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