01 February 2012

Wardrobe must have # 1 - Plain basic color t.shirt

Why are tees in plain basic colors are a must have? Well, they are perfect for pairing with a pair of jeans on casual days or use as base for other pairing, like blazer and jeans for an example. A good plain t shirt is subjective; it depends on each person. For me I prefer loose fit ones with softer material like modal or a mixture of cotton and silk or cotton and cashmere. These materials make t.shirt falls softly to the body as oppose to the others. 

Basic white t.shirt from shopbop.com

                                              Plain black t.shirt from asos.com

I was looking for good pair and came across these pairs by Bop Basic on shopbop.com. They were on sale so I bought all 3 colors –white, black and grey and I love them! They give that effortless chic look to a pair of jeans and blazer.  I am always on a lookout for a good pair as they are a good investment to have in your closet!

T.shirt - Bop Basic
Jeans - Juicy Couture
Leather and silver bangles - etsy.com
Bag - Balenciaga city

Shoes - Converse

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