06 February 2012

Ultimate score! – Balenciaga Moto Leather jacket

Today it was forecasted to be between 22 and 15 degrees in Dubai and it is time to bring out my Balenciaga  Moto leather jacket! 

Balenciaga Moto leather jacket in 2011 Higgins

I scored this baby on ebay recently at a friction of the original price, thanks to the sweet Maureen from Hawaii. This 2011 Spring/Summer collection Higgins color is best described as warm chestnut color with a slight reddish undertone.  I have been lusting for a pair of Balenciaga jacket for a long time but I could not justify myself for wanting a pair when I live in a country that hardly go below 22 degrees during the winter that normally lasts for a month!  And more importantly the AED9,000 (US$2,500) price tag was not appealing at all to my bank account.

Then I found this beauty , pre-loved and already well broken in at a doable price.  To add cherry to the cake, this winter has been among the coldest I’ve experienced in my 7 years in Dubai.  I am so over the moon!  The smell of the leather is so intoxicating not to mention the butter soft lamb skin that is simply to die for!

I live in Dubai, the hot and dusty land and it takes me a while to take the plunge but if you live in a 4 seasons country and like the rock and roll vibe, this piece will take you a long way!

Out for a movie with the boys

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