26 June 2014

Trend : Birkenstock Style Sandals

The 'Real McCoy' Birkenstock 



Helmut Lang


I walked all over Pompeii in this pair.. 

I am all for comfort when it comes to style and what a plus it would be if the style is also huge in trend! This statement is perfect for me when it comes to the Birkenstock sandals. I have been using Birkenstock for many years, (indoor at home and even outdoor!) after they were prescribed to me by my podiatrist (foot doctor) in order to manage my foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis and I have been hooked ever since. In fact they were my go-to pair of sandals on my recent vacation. I walked all over the ancient city of Pompeii in them. I figured if the Pompeii-ans survived the cobble stone walks in their sandals, so would I! Now, I can understand wearing these sandals with a pair of jeans or shorts for casual outing/dressing but wearing them with suits or skirts (like seen on the streets lately) is a big NO.. well, at least to me. What do you think? Do you feel this trend? How do you wear them?

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  1. Well, I've always disliked Birkenstock - especially in that dull brown color, but .. they've really 'stepped-up" the design and sure .. I'd wear these with a pair of jeans :-) Not skirts or dresses though.

    I really like the white/silver buckle Birkenstock pictured above :-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  2. Et tu, Mrs. C? Yikes. Yes, your little red ones ARE look pretty cute on you, but I just can't DO this. I just can't stop thinking of my resistance to the Celine furry shower shoes. I didn't wear Birkies in the way-back-when and probably missed my chance to learn to love them. ( I resist "crunchy" California stereotypes ... traditional two-strap Birkies have always had that vibe.)
    All kidding aside, I do see these streamlined versions with jeans or shorts, or even a very casual sundress. Still don't care for the Celine shape, but can feel the Zaras ... white might be unfortunate on me, but perhaps another color? And I do like the shape of your red ones better than the rest.

  3. For me, comfort is always number one... But I do think that comfort and style should not be mutually exclusive, unfortunately, when it comes to women's shoes, this is too often the case... I find all of these styles acceptable, with casual summer clothes (shorts or skirts or a maxidress). But I come from a culture where the dresscode is really casual... However, I always wear comfy shoes (I walk a lot), and find that Clarks and Ecco are the best for this. I've never had Birkenstocks,,though.

  4. I like the Zara sandals!

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  5. Some of these look like what we would call "shower sandals". Meaning you only wore them in the dorms or at a gym while in the shower. LOL

    I like your red ones though. The colour helps.


  6. They are so comfortable! I used to have several pairs, while in high school. I think Heidi Klum did a collection for them, some really blingy ones:)

  7. First ones I wear them to work everyday, really confy! Not very pretty but perfect for shorts!

  8. I had Birks when I was in college so many decades ago. My fave was the white one and I still have them at my parents' place. They are probably brittle now but you know how Filipinos are, we never discard anything especially my folks!

    The fancier and more expensive versions look like typical sandals now like the Helmut Lang. Not sure if I will splurge, will just wait in thrift stores :)

  9. im obsessed with the ugly sandal trend. for my lifestyle it is perfection and who knew somehting so comfy could be considered tres chic right? ;)


  10. I find there is something really special about ugly pretty shoes, but I must admit I don't have a pair of sandals like the ones you have on yet. This summer I opted for high chunky heels sandals and wedges.

    I remember I had a similar pair (shoe be do brand )and they were both stylish and comfy...but I haven't managed to find a similar pair in 10 years. I literally go to dr. martens and shoe be do stores all time but no luck in finding that perfect balance between stylish and comfy!

    Anyhow, I would and have totally wear that pair of mine with anything, but I haven't been able to find a decent replacement.

  11. I'm glad I bought mine way before the trend arrived! LOL! I'm glad you chose comfort and style over just being stylish and putting comfort at the back seat. Pompeii is interesting yet eerie for me. It was ok when the sun was up but when the sun sets, hmm... the thought of the tragedy came to my mind and I wasn't too comfortable with that.


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