24 January 2014

The Pedro Garcia Booties Saga (A Review)

I have been lusting over a pair of Pedro Garcia booties since November.  Ever since my post here, I couldn't stop the temptation and started looking around for a pair of these shoes.  Apparently this is the Birkinstock of high heels that would make wearing a pair feels so comfortable that one would look at it with different eyes! I started going from mall to mall looking for these shoes.  I found some pairs in Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and the shoe heaven of  Dubai, Level  Shoe District but they were not in the models that I like!  Mostly they look like some orthopedic shoes! I ran out of steam and knew that I had to go to the next level to get the shoes of my dream...

So I made a lot of research and found some pairs that I love BUT unfortunately there was none in my size.  Apparently (also through research) I found out that this shoes run small and I need to go half a size up meaning for a true 37 like me, a 37 and a half is the ideal size in this Pedro Garcia's shoes. After days if not weeks of searching - on websites, on ebay.. I finally found one pair on an online store in a 37, the closest to the apparent ideal size.  I pondered for days - to buy or not to buy and finally I bought.  Now here comes the next problem.  The company only ships in the US. Dang! This is never going to end, I thought. 

I had to thicken my face and asked for a favour from my dear friend J in Las Vegas for the shoes to be shipped to her address and later I would send my FedEx guy to have them picked from her. She agreed, bless her soul.  I scheduled the pick up before Christmas, a 'perfect' time.

The pick up was delayed due to the heavy traffic during holiday season and right after Christmas J was busy with her thing and was out of the house most of the time.  You see she ran not only one business but many.  On top of big catering company of which she is the cook, she organizes cooking classes and runs a series of holiday rental homes.

So to make story short (I am getting depressed just by writing), J managed to squeeze time in between her busy schedule to have the shoe shipped to me (bless her generous soul! Thank you J!) Finally after almost 3 months after my post, I received my Pedro Garcia pair yesterday. 

The Verdict

During my research, I got in touch with Kim at PopCosmo (she owns a pair Pedro Garcia's) and asked her about the shoes and she said that it is important to get the perfect size.  Now that I have them, I understand perfectly the reason behind it. This shoes are made like Birkinstock, they mold and hug your feet so you'd missed all the 'engineering' marvel of this super pair if the fit missed. It is by far one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn, as comfortable as the YSL Tribute sandals, even more considering the height. It was worth all the pain and wait!

As for the size, a 37 in this style (called Chandra) is perfect for my true 37 feet.  That is the tricky bit about shoes in general.  Sizing can be over rated as it was created just for general guidelines and buying shoes online like I did here is a huge risk especially with new pair from a new designer.  I guess I was lucky this time :)

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  1. Oh how I *wish* I could wear heels that high.

    I hope you really enjoy them with all the hassle you went through to get them. They look very sexy.


  2. Wow, love those shoes! I hope they are as comfy and wonderful to wear as you'd hoped.

  3. lovely heels!:) the design is just perfect!♥


  4. awwww!!! they don't look comfortable but wow, if they are like birkenstocks, I MUST HAVE ONE! congrats Ida, you finally have your Pedro Garcias!

    1. They are comfortable for now ( wearing around the house, that is) but we'll see if they pass the couple of hours test ;) If not I'll stick to the real deal - Birkinstock! Good to hear from you sweetie :)

  5. Wow, these are apsolutly fabolous!


  6. They are beautiful!! I wish I could wear gorgeous shoes but find it challenging enough to walk around in flat shoes, my sense of balance is not what it should be! Have a great week! xxx

  7. Awwww congratulations on the acquisition Mrs. C......I guess all the effort is truly worth it as those shoes look so fab & comfy all at the same time. I can't wait to see your a-styling & wearing it here!


  8. ohhhh!! these are gorgeous!! congrats on the new closet addition :) i've always been curious about pedro garcia heels i will definitely have to look at these more closely next time i'm shopping! i'm so over uncomfortable high heels. i use to be obsessed w/ louboutins (and admittedly i still think they are SOOO GORGEOUS) but every time i wore a pair i wanted to chop my feet of lol! and if you say they're more comfortable then YSL tributes then i MUST check them out! thank you so much for the review :)!

  9. Beautiful shoes! I'm really curious about Pedro Garcia as I always find it's such a compromise between comfort and looks when it comes to heels. Love that design!

  10. Glad you finally got them! Those are smokin' hot sexy, hope they are as super comfortable as they are supposed to be.

  11. Nice shoes *_*

    The Cutielicious

  12. Wowww...gorgeous shoes! I also love Pedro García booties! Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you have a fabulous week and a wonderful 2014 full of joy and happiness<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  13. Gorgeous shoes. Thanks for the review. I've been thinking about a pair, but I've been hesitant to pull the trigger. Your review has me convinced now that perhaps I might need another pair of shoes after all.


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