01 June 2014

Orlane B21 Extraordinaire - The Verdict

About 2 months ago, I put the new Orlane B21 Extraordinaire potion to test (read about it here) by putting myself to the 60 days challenge.  I had my pictures taken every week and then every other week and posted the results on the same page. Today, after 60 days, I would like to share with you the final result.

When I first started I had quite uneven skin tone and very prominent sun spots on my cheek bones. Now, notice the after picture? Well, the spots are still there but I would say 50% less prominent (even Captain commented on this area) and what really surprised me is the skin tone.  I now have a more even skin tone and my pores are smaller too. The texture became less oily but not exactly dry and a lot softer.  As for the laugh lines, there is not much that I can say as there is little to no changes in that area. I guess results varies in each person. Maybe with continuous use I might be able to see better results, who knows?

Overall, I can conclude that Orlane B21 Extraordinaire works, even if not to the extend that I would like it to be but then again, sometimes we wish for miracle effect in a very short time.  I have myself another few weeks supply and will definitely continue to see the results of which I am pretty happy even now. For your information, I used the potion twice a day with my favorite moisturizer on top and I also spread whatever I had left on my palms to my neck.  Only a pump is needed for the whole face, so, if you use sparingly, the 30ml bottle could last you up to 2 months or more but in September Orlane is going to come up with the 50ml bottle which is more economical.

Day 0

Day 60

Orlane B21 Extraordinaire can be purchased at these outlets around the world :

Areej all stores / Paris Gallery ( Diera City Centre / Abu Dhabi Marina Mall) / Bin Sina Pharmacies in Dubai

Neiman Marcus / Lord and Taylor / Bergdorf Goodman  / Bloomingdales

Galleries La Fayette  / Marionnaud / Harrods / Douglars

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The B21 Extraordinaire that was used during this 60 days were given to me by the company BUT the review given here is my honest note of my experience as a consumer.


  1. I can see the results. Thats wonderful. Im going to check it out next time im at the store. Anything that helps w the spots and minimizes pores is a plus in my book.

  2. It really shows the great result on you!

  3. Yeah the spots look fainter now but if it's available at Neiman, it must be expensive! Thanks for sharing the test results Mrs. C!



  4. You can definitely see the results. Your skin looks silky and the dark spots are less noticeable.

  5. Your results are definitely visible! I received the Clarins serum and I just started to use it. I think it is the rival for this Orlane serum.
    I love your blog! :)



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