13 April 2014

Floral Casual

My parents are in town, yay!  That explains my lack of present on my blog and on yours this past week. My apologies and I promise I will catch up soon.  My parents hadn't been here in Dubai in 5 years so it is a big deal to me.  I have arranged some trips around the UAE for us to go on and I really hope they will enjoy their stay as only God knows how much more time will I have to spend with them. The boys are having some fabulous time with their grandparents too.  They are bigger than 5 years ago and can handle a more solid conversation with them and that is simply great to see! 

Now, onto the outfit.. yep, I've done this top many times on the blog and yes, I like it that much. This time I tried a more casual approach by pairing it with fun purple pants and a pair of Chucks. This sort of took away the seriousness and daintiness effect floral tops are normally associated with and God forbid, I wouldn't want to look too dainty on a casual day out! I wore this to a casual event with a bunch of friends and I thought it was perfect.  What do you think? What other ways in your opinion are best to soften the 'floral top' cliche? 

:: Wearing ::
Top :: ZARA
Jeans :: Forever 21
Shoes :: Converse
Bag :: Balenciaga

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  1. I can see why you wear that floral top many times. I would too. It's absolutely gorgeous, so feminine and versatile. I love the softness of the blouse. It's colorful yet so soft. It looks great for a casual day with sneakers and I see it combined with pencil skirt for a workday. Enjoy your time with your parents! I hope to see mine soon after 4years.

  2. Aww that floral top is so super pretty and such a mood lifter, what a super flirty and romantic piece. You look drop dead gorgeous MRS :-9


  3. Love it with the Chucks and Bbag (gorgeous color!!!). Have fun with your parents!

  4. Your collection of bags is making me drool.

    I can see why you love that blouse. It is so pretty!

    Have fun with your family.


  5. Your floral blouse is beautiful and I love how you pants match! You look so lovely and perfect for spring. Converse are a great addition!

  6. I love your comfortable, casual look. I was wondering why I hadn't seen much of you on here recently. Now I know that you've been enjoying time with your parents! Have a wonderful time with them!

  7. So wonderful that your parents are visiting you - enjoy every second of every day you have with them! Wish I could get mine to visit more :)
    Your top is gorgeous and I can see why you like to wear it and it would go with so much and very practical to dress up or down. I like it casually as you have shown here. Paired with the purple keeps it fun and Chucks go with everything & everywhere!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  8. That top is beautiful. I love it with the more casual jeans and Chucks. I'm glad you're getting to enjoy a visit with your parents...I'm sure they love seeing how big your kids have gotten.

  9. I hope you're having a fab time with your parents! I love the top.

    Corinne x

  10. lovely shirt , so classy!

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  11. Nice that your parents are visiting and having fun with your family. We all need casual and comfortable outfits for daily life. My outfit this week is very similar. A floral top and color jeans always looks good. You are a lovely lady with great style!

    blue hue wonderland

  12. Yay for your parents being in town. Yeay for Colored Chucks. Yeay for Floral! I was getting out a lot of my Summer Clothes today and I cannot wait to wear them after I am done with my 30 for 30 challenge. Actually I have a similar blouse to yours. I will be wearing it with my Dark Blue Skinny Pants (from yesterday's post April 14th) so thanks for the inspiration. You look great!

    Bye Love and Happy Tuesday!!

  13. Love the chucks! I recently bought a pair with multiple tongues so I'll be looking forward to trying them out. You did a great job with the floral top. I can't really think of anything else to toughen up the floral than maybe adding a denim vest? Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  14. So happy to hear the parents/grandparents are in town Mrs. C.....that is always a GOOD THING!!!! And so is your floral-Chucks combo!!


  15. All adorable, but as always, it's the kicks that make the outfit ... but then, you know that! Have a fabulous time with your parents. I hope you have lots and lots of wonderful time together during and after this trip. Lovely for the boys to be able to hang out with the grandparents ... lovely for your parents that the boys are old enough to be more interesting. (Really, babies are great but older grandkids can be the most entertaining! This from a grandparents perspective...)
    Enjoy every minute ... we'll be here when the folks have gone home!

  16. Converse are always a great way to make any outfit more causal...and that blouse is so pretty, I can imagine it in so many different looks...In addition, I really like the pants!

    So nice that your parents came to visit! I'm sure the kids will enjoy it too:)


  17. I think you are right: this is such a good outfit. I like it that you wear purple trousers with it. Makes the outfit. (Yes and the top too hahaha.)
    Have a great time with your parents.


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