09 February 2014

The Cardigan Part 1

There have always been some phases in my life when I was obsessed with or overdoing certain trends more than I should. Well, let see.. there was the kimono phase, the flat shoes phase, the leather, the silver bangles and one phase in particular that went on for a while, the cardigan.  I had so many cardigans in my wardrobe that when I went shopping with some girlfriends and tried on some cardigans they went "I could have sworn that you have something similar.." and chances are they were right! Not only I had many, I had multiple of almost similar style. I know, it was bad!

Fast forward a few seasons and after blogging came into my life, I let go most of my cardigans (those girls at Safa Park yard sale a couple of years back were over the moon walking away with my bundle) and kept only a few that I really liked. So, to celebrate this wonderful winter season this year, I would like to feature these old loves of mine in a little segment I called The Cardigan (sounds like the title of a movie, LOL!)

This one by Victoria Secret has been in the closet for a while and I was thinking of letting it go.  It is wool, heavy, thick and itchy and those characteristics contribute to why I hardly ever worn it. It is too bulky to layer underneath a coat, not warm enough to wear on its own say in Rome during winter and too warm for the usual Dubai weather. Thank Goodness this year we have been blessed with the perfect winter season here and cold enough for this kind of cardigan! I took it out yesterday for an afternoon tea with Captain and I have to say besides the itchy feeling wool always give me, I was happy, warm and comfortable.. almost perfect! I might not let this one go after all..

:: Wearing ::

Club Monaco t.shirt
Victoria Secret cardigan
David Lerner leggings
Mango belt
Christian Louboutin heels


  1. oooh but that's a gorgeous cardigan!

  2. Hi my dear- wow I love this look, your cardigan is fabulous and I love it belted up, you look great! xxx

  3. I can see why you held onto that cardigan - it adds so much texture and color to your basic (but not at all boring!) black and looks fabulous! Still lusting after your bag. Gah!!!
    Please let me know when your shirt arrives - and how it fits!
    xo ~kim & chloe

  4. That'd be a crying shame to get rid of that cardigan! If you ever decide to, I will gladly take it off your hands. : ) The colours are gorgeous.


  5. I'm a sweater gal ~ always cold so I have a ton of cardigans of all shapes and sizes. Problem is .. you just plain get tired of the same stuff, so I donate quite a bit.

    I do love your leggins!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  6. It's a pretty cardigan, and I know how easy it is to become a cardi-junkie! Love the B-bag, always a classic.

  7. What a bummer that it itches - I love the drape and colors of this cardigan. I am a huge of cardigan and just recently found that I like these open drape cardigans.


  8. I love the look of the cardigan, especially without the belt. I wouldn't like the itchiness though. Cardigans are very practical here in Canada.

  9. I love the belted version of that wrap around cardigan. Looks great on you.
    And thank you so much for the warm remarks on my tribute post for my dad.

  10. If you ever decide to let go of it, I'm just an email away... :)
    I wonder what the kimono phase is like?

    1. Neomi, I used to buy vintage Haori kimonos from Japan and wear them with jeans over a tank top.. thanks to Nicole Richie, LOL!

  11. Gorgeous cardigan. When I think of cardigans, old style sweaters come to mind. This one if very stylish! I too seem to go through stages when it comes to articles of clothing.

  12. Fabulous cardigan and of course I love your bag! You look really cool and well fit! :)

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  13. Great outfit, love the cardigan!!! The shoes are fabulous.

  14. Cardigans are one of those things that will never go out of style! I love this oversized one...looks super cozy!

    The Tiny Heart

  15. I think that your cardigan is awesome...it's right up my line and very similar to one that I own! Looks great with leggings and heels...I should think it's a keeper...at least for those weird days when the weather calls to it!

  16. That's a great piece. I am guilty of getting caught up in a trend too. I frequently look back and think wow I really wear the same thing every day just a different color or pattern. Right now, mine is button up shirts. I have thousands.

  17. You look really great.


  18. This is a beautiful cardie! I love the autumnal colours :) don't give it up, you will miss it ! Hugs, Beata xxx

  19. Well you made the right choice by keeping that one! I dont remember that one (i seem to have commited all vs catalog stuff to memory! Lol) but so cute! Xoxo

  20. I'm glad you kept that one! I love the colors on you. It looks like your Winter and mine are very different. We're freezing in the US Deep South this year!


  21. Oh my with our "polar vortex" here in the US that Cardigan would make us warm. The color is nice and you look great in cardigan. Thanks for the visit Mrs. C!

  22. Well you look fabulous! What a cool cardigan! Don't get rid of it. I had an overload of cardigans at one time too. Definitely not as chic as your ensemble. Great outfit.

  23. Fabulous sweetie! Great style and what a lovely blog!

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    New Outfit Post: Brights In The Woods

  24. Leaving the rest of the outfit all black really allows the sweater to be the star! Love this!

  25. The way that you belted this cardigan is perfect! Such a fun pattern and you look super chic!

  26. Hi Mrs. C, I'm glad you kept this cardigan because it's a good one! I did the same as you, sold most of my wrap cardigans not long ago. I'm looking at a reversible one and thinking about getting it. I love this style with a belt as you have shown us. Good with the leggings and all black. Very inspiring outfit. Such pretty colors in the stripes and I love your shoes.

    blue hue wonderland

  27. Oh I LOVE that cardigan! So glad you didn't give up on it! It's 4 degrees right now so all I want to do is wear pretty , cozy things like that!!!

  28. Fabulous look! The belt tied at the waist is perfect and of course I'm dying over your bag.

  29. That's a great look, love how you styled it! Cardis are so versatile, I own several too. So happy to meet you! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  30. This cardigan is so pretty! I really love how it looks belted! Thanks for sharing with mix it Monday!
    Fizz and Frosting

  31. Hi. Very pretty. I like that kind of cardigans very much. But my hips are too bell-bottomed to where a belt.
    Have a good time

  32. I love how you've belted that cardi and taken it to another dimension! x

  33. There are cardigans, and then there are cardis. This is a knockout no matter what you call it. Plenty of edge, great textures, lovely asymmetry ... you look fabulous, as usual.
    Good for you weeding the cardigans. For me, there was a point where I nixed all my twin-set style cardigans as the made me look 100 years old, instantly and with no saving graces. I'm careful wearing knit outerwear, still, and if I gain a pound or two, it shows more in knits jackets than anything else! I do have some substantial-knit pieces that work every time, though, and I know why you love them.

  34. I think we all go through these kinds of phases with certain styles - lately all I seem to want to buy are jeans and although each pair is slightly different, I probably don't need them all ;) That said, these phases can have brilliant results, like this beautiful cardigan. It was definitely worth hanging onto, what a stunning piece!

  35. Such a casual chic look! Love it!!

    xo, Erica

  36. Beautiful sweater, and love how you styled it. very flattering on you. Show us more cardigans please!

  37. You are looking so glamorous here! Funny, I went through the same thing with cardigans. I collected all of the colors, and now I'm rid of almost all of them, favoring jackets and blazers instead. Thanks for sharing your glam look with Manic Monday!
    On the Daily Express

  38. This is a beautiful piece: nice pattern, interesting design and woolen! Good you didn't get rid of it. And I like how you styled it.

  39. I really like that cardigan, you can't let it go! Love the poncho look:)

  40. I love this cardigan on you. It looks comfy and warm and it's really cute belted.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  41. Love that handbag. Moon walk over that.


  42. Oh my, what a great piece! I would wear that like every single day. Belting it is perfect!

  43. Beautiful sweater and leggings look! So comfy and chic. :)
    Merrie @ www.PetiteCareerGirl.com

  44. I can see why you kept that one...pretty! Right now I'd say I'm in my "plaid phase" ...ha!

  45. Such a nice outfit! Comfy, yet classy! You look stunning! Would you like us to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog, I would love to keep in touch! :) :) :)


  46. Great look. Elegant, slim, youthful. There will be a lot of jealous women in Dubai.


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