02 February 2014

Military/Equestrian Inspired and Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope everybody had a restful weekend.  Over this side of the planet, we had a full weekend. We celebrated a couple of things over the weekend one being the blog's 2nd anniversary.  Yes, Mrs Jack Of All Trades (MJOAT) turned 2! At the same time, Captain had a reason to celebrate too. He came back on early Friday morning from his last flight on the Airbus A340/330 from Uganda.  Yes, after almost 10 years, he finally bid his farewell to the A340/330 fleet and starting a new chapter in his flying career on the Airbus giant, A380 this month. So, to celebrate these 2 occasions, he took us out for dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant here, Pizzaro. It was a beautiful night with 21 degrees and the food, was gorgeous as usual.

For its second year, MJOAT will see a few changes. I am planning for the blog to get its own domain, new blog design and introducing a new page of 'Shop My Closet'.  All these will be done in stages. MJOAT too has joined forces with a few other Dubai blogs to create a small intimate informal network called Bloggers In The City where all the involving blogs lend support and motivation to each other and team up for projects and public relation events. It's going to be a full year ahead for the blog and  I am very excited and totally looking forward to it!

This week's outfit has a bit of military/equestrian feel to it. The jacket which I bought last year from Zara is a keeper. I was attracted to the versatility of the cut (it has an adjustable waist gathers on the inside that gives me the freedom to control the shape of the jacket) and the embellishment on the pockets that soften the whole 'military' look.

The boots are my good travel friends especially during winter trips.  They are uber comfortable, great for walking and look pretty good with everything be it jeans, leggings or pants. Yes, I love the look of tapered pair of boots with high heels but to walk in them around the city (try cobble stone walk and see if your feet would not be begging for mercy), I will compromise the style!

:: Wearing ::

GAP tanks
ZARA jacket
Michael Kors pants
Laurent by Ralph Lauren boots
Balenciaga Gris Poivre City bag
H&M necklace

Congratulation to Ehara Poetry, winner of Iconemesis iPhone cover blog anniversary giveaway! 
We will be in touch with you :)

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  1. congrats on 2 years! This is a lovely outfit, I especially like the boots.

  2. Happy Anniversary! How cool to be flying the A380. I've been reading some of the specs with hubby, and that's an awesome aircraft. We haven't flown in one yet, but hopefully it'll be soon.

    1. Apparently it is a great machine to fly according to my husband.. it is so big like flying an apartment building! Soon most airline will be flying the A380 and we will all have our chance :)

  3. Happy 2nd Anniversary! The sparkles on the jacket and your wonderful smile makes this tough look feminine. I never really thought of adding any military items to my closet, but your outfit is a great inspiration.
    Have a great day!

  4. I absolutely love this cool equestrian look! It suits you well, and the military jacket is a nice touch to make it more unique


  5. I love your jacket .. especially the little gem details ~ so cute!!

    And .. Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary!! I'll look forward to all your updates.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  6. Love it! You look great (as always). Looking forward to see you again on Tuesday! xx

  7. I love your outfit, especially the jacket, and I'm looking forward to seeing the changes in your blog over the coming months!

    1. Thanks, Elaine for dropping by.. hope you are well :)

  8. Happy blog anniversary! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend and have lots of exciting plans for the coming year. Have a great day :-)

  9. Congratulations on the anniversary! You look cool in this outfit, love the jacket and the boots. Have a nice day!

  10. Don't you love a pair of boots that look great and are actually comfy for walking long distances, too! Love your jacket!

  11. What a great combo! I never thought about combining military with equestrian but they work well together.

  12. I love the boots, perfect with the outfit.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  13. ok. i SERIOUSLY love everything about this outfit! chic as always :)

    Rhea, Et Cetera - mixing patterns and texture

  14. In this combat style you look like a woman to be reckoned with. Very fierce. Fashionable and fierce.
    Congratulations with your anniversaries and good luck with your plans. It is always good to change your blog little by little.
    I ams trying to resize all my outfit photos (.....) and put them with the link to the post in my new navigation page called Outfit Gallery. Quite a task.

    1. Tell me about it especially me the non IT savvy person. I need to hire some help for all these things I am planning!

  15. happy blog anniversary!♥ this outfit is so cool!:) love the jacket!


  16. Congratulartions on 2 years of blogging Ida. You always look great. I am bummed I missed the giveaway. This is a great, edgy, casual look. Love it head to toe. That Camo Jacket is great. I saved this to inspire/wear an outfit like this in the future. I'd love for you to link this up with my link up from Jan 29th (on the blog). It was the very first link up I ever hosted and we featured Boots & Leggings. This is perfect.

    Sorry I do not comment as often as I'd like but I have a very active and fussy 1-year old who sleeps very little.

    Have a Great Week, Ada. =)

  17. Happy Blogversary! It's wonderful to read about your plans and I'm so glad we found each other in the blogosphere.
    I love your outfit! You wear a military jacket very well ;-)


  18. I so like the jacket the military jacket is fantastic on you.


  19. Congratulation :))))) You look gorgeous :) love the boots .
    Hugs Beata

  20. love the boots and the camo jacket! such a cute look!

  21. Happy 2 year anniversary! Loving your camo jacket- that is an awesome piece. Thanks so much for sharing your look with Manic Monday! -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  22. Looking fab in army print! Love the boots and this effortless vibe!

  23. Life sounds exciting for you right now. Very cool look, you are one of my "casual" stylish ladies to be inspired by! I have many military style jackets and a few dresses and you are inspiring me to give them a spin! Your necklace is perfect with this outfit.

    blue hue wonderland

  24. Sounds like some exciting changes to your blog! Happy Blogiversary. I am bummed I missed out on this jacket - I love the feminine touches to it.


  25. I love the rhinestone detailing on the jacket! Happy blogiversary!

    The Tiny Heart

  26. Happy blogiversary!! I really love that jacket. The embellishments are so adorable! Thanks for linking up with Mix it Monday! :)

  27. Congratulations on your milestones in the blogging world - looking forward to your exciting plans for this year!
    I love your more casual look this week...what a killer military jacket...I'm loving the versatility of it! The riding boots are wonderful/comfortable too...an awesome addition to the entire look!

  28. I love that jacket Mrs C. :) AND THOSE BOOTS! Congrats again on the two years and the A380 (this sounds like you are getting one, but you know what I mean)!
    Looking forward to the changes in the blog, and ofcourse our little group! Happy times ahead!

  29. Great jacket! I am actually planning to wear my camo jacket this week, too!
    Thanks for linking up!

  30. Such a nice neutral toned outfit! I like your Balenciaga city too :)

    Away From Blue

  31. I like how you styled together military and equestrian! Really great combination & you are totally rocking it! :)


  32. Gorgeous look and very livable! So exciting about your husband - does that mean more time together? And what fabulous news about the bloggers in Dubai working together - it should mean even more wonderful things for your blog. And I can't wait to virtually meet all your friends living such a glamorous life :)
    xo ~kim (and chloe)

  33. I *almost* bought that same Zara jacket. Instead I added bling to the one I already owned. This looks very chic on you. Sounds like lots of bloggy stuff going on : ) I look forward to seeing the changes


  34. Happy 2nd Birthday to your blog!! This is a very well put together outfit, Mrs C!

    xo Jo


  35. A great look, Mrs. C. Good luck with the new blog adventures in the upcoming year!

  36. The whole outfit is perfect & well put together , i just love checking your blog every week !! nice work


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    leave me some love !!


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  37. nice outfit! really like your jacket!



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