13 February 2014

Born Pretty Costume Watch - A Review

Last week arrived in the mail was this package from Taiwan's online shop called Born Pretty Store. They've kindly asked me to review one of their many products, a leather bracelet watch. Now, I love anything leather and even more, anything leather that fits my skinny wrists (now, why can't everywhere else be as skinny?) So when I opened the box and saw this watch I was excited to try it on.

Let me start with what I like about this watch. I kind of adore the  antique look of the watch with brass hardware and well worn leather straps.  On top of that the long leather straps that goes around the wrist is very much in trend.  The length of the straps can easily be adjusted as one end of it was simply cut and left un-sewn for a more edgy look. A simple snip would do the trick and that is good news to my small wrists. The strap also comes in many other colors plus it also comes with an extra battery!

A few things though, I wish the watch is a bit bigger both the case and the straps as personally I prefer a bigger watch and putting on this watch by myself was a bit troublesome. So, if you are a single gal living alone, start making friends with the neighbor ;) !

Overall, I think this is a cute costume watch and since it is also inexpensive, you can always purchase multiple colors to go with each outfit.  This online shop ships free worldwide and if you use the code CARC10 at check out, you can enjoy a 10% off your purchase too!

:: Wearing ::

Next chambray shirt
David Lerner leggings
Born Pretty watch


  1. Great watch...love it! And thanks for the review. I appreciate you stopping by my blog after my time away from the blogging world. I hope you continue following along. Stay warm!


  2. I like that the leather looks so broken in and comfortable. I have a wrap watch and it can be tricky to get it on by myself!

  3. It looks very cool,a mix fbetween a watch and a bracelet! Very nice product and detailed review!
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  4. I´m not a typical watch wearer but I´m in love with your bangle/wrap watch! It can be hard though wearing a wrap leather around the wrist but it´s worth it. :)

  5. Yesterday, while we were on our regular lunch-date, Dan looked down at this watch and said, "It's pretty cool to be able to just look down at your wrist and see the time without having to fumble around with my phone ... wow." Will wonders never cease?
    Cute! I see what you mean about the small face ... so just tuck it away and keep the battery charged and you'll be all ready when wee little watches come back, 'cause you know they will!

  6. Nice watch. I like the vintage look of it and the strap!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. This watch is fab! Thanks for sharing, I'm getting some things from this site too =)

    Corinne x

  8. Oh, I like the watch. I love the roman numerals and the rustic look. Very nice!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  9. Love the leather strap watch. Super chic with the denim shirt too.

  10. I love the watch! I could definitely see myself wearing one.

  11. The watch looks really, really great, I think you incorporated your watch in this outfit very well!


  12. love the chambray shirt, and that wrap around watch is really pretty! xO!


  13. So pretty! Very stylish and chic watch! Looks perfect with the chambray

  14. Such a lovely watch! I like the wrap style of the band :)

    Away From Blue


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