27 January 2014

Leather Blazer

Good Monday to everyone!

Hope your weekend was great and filled with laughter, great friends and equally good food.  For me it was time to reflex on last week so that I could improve this week.  See, my live in helper R has gone back to Indonesia for a 2 months vacation and I consider this period a test for me.  Normally I have her to help around with house chores - I love cooking but hate the cleaning; I don't mind the laundry but hate the ironing and she helps me with the bit that I do not enjoy so much. Having her around also gives me time to concentrate on the boys, helping them with their homework and of course time to blog.  Without her, last week was quite a stressful one. My timing was terrible and I know I have to organize better.  I am sure this week is going to get better and the next will be even better than this. I just need time to get the momentum going.

On to the outfit post for this week. I have had this blazer for a long time.  Let me see, 9 years  maybe.  I bought it a few months after I first arrived here in Dubai.  I saw this store that says " SALE! 50% to 75% off on all items!" Wow! I thought and later I realized that store was on sale all the time for the next few years, even now!  Hmm... something is not right here.  Anyway, I brought this jacket home and I think it only saw the light of day maybe twice.  So in the spirit of 'buy less, wear more' I decided to take this blazer out. 

I seriously think though that I need a more fitted shirt for this pairing.  This J Crew shirt is nice but more as a layering piece over a pair a cute tank top but in this pairing it kind of looked bulky.  So mental note were made to get a pair of fitted button down in the future, the kind that comes with stitch darts on the front and back that create better silhouette.

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:: Wearing ::

J Crew button down
Pierre Cardin leather blazer
Levi's Jeans
Pedro Garcia booties
Gucci belt
Tous choker
Vintage Furla croc clutch

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  1. Really love the blazer. That's a great color.
    I'm the same way. Cooking, dishes and laundry are okay with me, but the cleaning part definitely is something I struggle with. Please forgive if you see a dustball floating around my feet on the floor in a blog post of mine. ha

  2. Hi Mrs C, you sound like me in terms of chores :) Love the brown and white pairing, really chic!

    xo Jo


  3. The blazer has nice cut and colour. You look stylish as always.

  4. I love your Pedro Garcia shoes. I knew what they were before even reading the post! Stylish and always so comfortable.


  5. Love that leather blazer. Looks amazing.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. I LOVE the blazer... in fact, I love the entire outfit including the amazing shoes!

    I also have a question for you that comes out of a recent discussion with my sister and my niece. We're wondering if there are any restrictions on what's considered acceptable for women to wear in Dubai? Perhaps that could even be a future blog topic.

  7. You should definitely wear this blazer more often, Mrs C, it is a great classy piece. Shoes can make such a difference to any outfit and your are the highlight here. Despite the hight of the heals they do look comfortable which is often the case with platform sandals, isn't it?

    Annette | Lady of Style
    2x60€ Valentine's Legwear Giveaway

  8. Mrs C...that brown blazer looks so pretty on you! Love the color! Such a unique piece! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that! Looks like I need to visit (and shop) in Dubai! And that sandals look fabulous!

  9. I love the jeans and shirt combo. It is such a versatile outfit. Great for a casual office day or running errands. You look serious, yet ladylike and most importantly it is comfortable. Your heels are gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. That blazer is so versatile and you look fabulous wearing it! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  11. Love the blazer, great find! You look fabulous and those booties are gorgeous!

  12. Very elegant...I love these kind of outfits, aren't they just timeless? white shirt, jeans, heels...it always works, right?
    I'm very similar to you (love cooking, the cleaning after it not so much)...hope you manage to get rid of the stress soon...my mum actually came to help me last week and that was really helpful so I know how much these little things mean.

  13. I like your classic leather blazer, but for me, the shoes really make the outfit. The right shoes elevate any outfit and you are the queen! Truth be told, I have shoe envy every time I read your blog! Good luck with making it all work...it's difficult to keep it all together, but somehow we always seem to rise to the occasion!

  14. So fabulous, great leather and the shoes are perfect and so cool. You are one stylish lady!

    blue hue wonderland

  15. Hi there! Your jacket is a beauty, a real timeless classic and looks fabulous on! I really love your booties and jeans too, such a great overall look!

  16. I'm in love with that jacket! The cut is superb and I adore that shade of brown. I'm glad you decided to wear it. Those shoes are exquisite, too! ;-)


  17. Love the leather blazer:) you look very stylish and elegant :)))) love it :)
    Hugs Beata

  18. Love your shoes! Hopefully next week won't be so stressful!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  19. That jacket is sooo nice.


  20. Love the jacket! The shirt looks okay in the pics in doesn´t look bulky in the pics and lol on that 50% sale anecdote. :)

  21. The colour and cut of that jacket is fabulous. Reminds me of one I have that I bought at consignment.

    I hate stores that trick people like that.

    Those shoes are looking mighty sexy!


  22. Really nice blazer! You should wear it more. :-)


  23. That leather blazer is so beautiful!


  24. Definitely an inspirational look! I'm loving the leather - such a great staple piece - and your heels compliment it so well. You're right on point here! Very stylish

  25. You may be feeling stressed, but you are looking as stylish as ever! I absolutely adore your clutch and sandals :)

  26. Great fit and styling with both the blazer and the jeans. I think the white shirt looks fine; however, I do totally agree with you that a white shirt that has seaming and/or darts and a smaller collar would be super flattering to your great figure!

    I think it just takes time to find your rhythm and your days will not seem so overwhelming. We all have tasks that we'd rather not do, it's not that we can't do them. Don't be too hard on yourself.

  27. I love this outfit, it looks so simple and classic :) And you definitely need to bring this jacket out of the closet more!

  28. Gorgeous blazer and love the classic look of this outfit.

    I have a permanent domestic worker and I am able to clean my own home, just not too willing. We are very spoilt here.

    Visiting from Monday Bloom
    Simply Sassy Style

  29. Leather blazer is such a stand out piece, I really like yours and the way you styled it! You definitely have an eye for style! :)


  30. Ahh..that jacket is beautiful! Good thing you dug it out of the closet and decided to wear it. And those shoes...wow.

  31. I love your blog

  32. Love the color and style of your leather blazer and the way you styled it... casual and chic.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  33. beautiful blazer. i love the idea of a leather blazer. my sister had a leather collared shirt that she wore like a blazer...a little more reasonable for our hot weather. i think it's great you have live-in help. i wish that was an option so that i could spend more time on the kids.

  34. I so wish I could tuck in blouses with belted jeans. It's just not a good look for me, but I think it looks great on you!! Jealous of your open-toed shoes. :)

  35. This leather blazer is cool! Thanks for stopping by Patti Cake too. I definitely think you could pull of a red lip! There are so many shades out there! :)


  36. What a shame this beautiful jacket gets so little attention. It is beautiful. And your shoes are awesome. Now.... in the spirit of shopping your closet, why not look for a fitted blouse in another colour but white? Ot try a tank top which is more fitted?
    Suggestion by someone who doesn't know a thing about these things but still, I mean well LOL.

  37. Very elegant style. This brown jacket is perfect :)

  38. You look amazing! Such great style :)

  39. Bahahaha I know of a few stores like that too! Always on "sale". Good luck around the house, hopefully you'll be able to manage! Eeek! I hate cleaning! BTW LOVE those Pedro Garcia heels!


  40. Such a classic look! I love that blazer, the color and fit are amazing!

  41. You'll get into the swing of things with your home soon enough - it's just a temp transition.

    That's a fab blazer - it looks great on you!

  42. What a gorgeous, sleek blazer and classic look. Your heels are fierce, too. Love your whole look. :) - Gina
    On the Daily Express

  43. Sleek blazer, and I love how you used that to pair brown and black together. Looks seamless.

  44. Great look! Good for you ... poor baby needed to see some daylight. I like the crisp, white shirt with it, but you are right... it would look great with a more fitted top. Shoes make the outfit. I have some cropped leather jackets I need to get out and about myself. They're mostly faux, but sad and sequestered just the same.
    Shoes are just killer.

  45. That leather blazer is very classy, and it's lasted you a long time!

  46. That leather blazer is fabulous!!
    Don't miss out on linking up for #RealMomStyle every Monday.


  47. That is hilarious about the store being on perpetual sale. I think your shirt is fine! It's funny how we see things that others would never notice but I am the same way.

    Tracy @Its Mostly About Fashion

  48. Love this look from head to toe. The sandals and clutch are a nice complement!


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