24 November 2013

Leather and Pearls

Hello, dear friends!

It was an interesting weekend for us here in Dubai. I have to say interesting because what happened last weekend was just something so rare! It started on Thursday morning when I received a call from my sons who were in school telling me that they were coming home.  I was like "What??" Well, apparently KDHA (or the Education Ministry) had decided to evacuate  all schools in Dubai and sent everybody home in order to brace for bad thunderstorm that was coming.  Now, THAT was really rare.

Rare because first, we don't get thunderstorm in Dubai and second if the KDHA resorted to evacuate the schools, that should pretty much be VERY BAD right? So, we waited.. nothing.  In fact it was sunny the whole day on Thursday.  It must have been a scam, we thought and moved on like normal. I even called to schedule for our old sofa set that we've given away to be picked up the next day. Come that night around 1 am Friday morning, it rained.  It rained so hard, complete with lightning and thunder I was awoken confused.  It took me a while to figure out that I was actually in Dubai sleeping in my bed and not back in Kuala Lumpur where rainy nights like that is a norm! It rained the whole night..

As a result, this was what I woke up to the next morning..

That was the scene right outside my front gate. The garden of the house is one level up from the red pavement and during the night the water actually rose all the way into the garden! The last time something like this happened was about 3-4 years back when it actually rained non stop for 3 days and yet this scene was created within a night this time.  The last picture is of the guys who came to collect the sofas around 3 pm on Friday and the water level is still pretty much the same. It rain some more on and off on Friday and boy was I excited to say to everybody in the house "Guys, use the wellies if you need to cross the street!" 

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Anyway, enough with the rain and back to this week's outfit post (by the way this pictures was taken before the rain, LOL!) Leather and pearls, 2 very different characters in one pairing. I thought together they make a great combination. They both balanced each other and create a harmonious look that is not too hard or too dainty, like an opposite attract!   

Leather skirts are so much in trend lately that you can find a pair almost anywhere.  I bought mine from Forever 21 in winter last year and paid nothing for it. I was attracted to the simplicity and the elegant cut, as for the top, I've had it forever and was featured here on the blog many times. The pearl necklace is from LENA Jewelry, made from fresh water pearls in uneven shape and 24K gold chain. An item like this would stay in your collection forever as it is classic, versatile and evergreen! 

This pairing in my opinion is chic enough for dinner or for those who dare, the office! What do you think?

:: Wearing ::

Forever 21 blouse (old)
Forever 21 skirt (old)
H&M clutch (old)
Christian Louboutin shoes


  1. OMG! That is pretty bad and I hope your garden didn't suffer or any other damage occured to your house, Mrs C!
    And another OMG - you look stunning! That black leather skirt is amazing and fits you like a glove. Perfect with your Ls...
    My post title is "Polka Dots and Pearls" and you are wearing dots too... there must be a connection between us ;-)

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Oh no that's horrible, you could even swim on the street. Hopefully you did not have any damages? Your leather skirt is so perfectly paired with the polka dotted blouser, very feminine, ladylike and yet so modern.


  3. Oh, gorgeous! I love your black leather skirt .. sexy!

    Can't believe the flooding from the rain, but I guess Dubai doesn't have the same street drainage that we have in the states.

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    1. You guessed right, Monica! Even if there are some, they are clogged with sand from the usual sandstorm we have here

  4. OMG Mrs. C......I'm so sorry about what happened to Dubai. I think global warming is really upon us that a calamity of these proportions can happen to a country as progressive as Dubai. On a brighter note....you look as elegant as ever in this classic outfit...that leather skirt is something that's right up my alley!


    1. Tank you, Rebecca.. this is nothing compared to whatever that's happening around the world like in the Philippine. Actually I am glad that it rained, it kind of washed all the dust in Dubai :)

  5. Very chic!

    Wow! That is a lot of water! At least we can shovel our snow but what can you do with water? I hope your home and yard didn't suffer any permanent damage.

    Is that a plumeria tree in the first picture? We had one in the yard when we stayed on the island of Saipan and I loved the flowers so much.

    1. Hi, Elaine! Luckily my garden has more pave (we have sort of a patio in front and BBQ yard also paved at the back) and only a small patch of grass with lots of desert trees/plant. At the end of Friday wen the water failed to recede, the municipality sent a lorry that sucked the water off the street or whatever it can and yes, it is plumeria tree outside my gate with white flowers.. we have another one with pinkish flower just inside the gate. They are strong trees and survived this kind of small flooding ;)

  6. wow that is so much water, hope everything is all ok. Looking very chic and sophisticated. I love the top, it is very classy and one of my favourite prints.

  7. Your outfit is beautiful. The necklace is definitely a keepsake.
    I can't believe those guys still came and waded through the water to get your sofa. haha So glad you don't live street level or you'd have really had problems.... Or up in a skyscraper...that would be scary in a storm.

    1. Yes, Lisa they came and took the sofas that are now on the way to Pakistan! Anyway, we were lucky coz I heard some stories of leaks and worst water in the house!

  8. very very nice ! <3 ur shoes and skirt!

    .I'm so sorry about what happened to Dubai.

  9. Wow! That is a lot of rain! Hopefully you're all dried out now. The outfit is beautiful on you. Love the leather skirt. I would absolutely wear it to work...I've worn mine to work already.

  10. Oh wow..a bit in late but this was a BAD storm!!
    It rained in Doha too. There were so much water in some mall but nothing like that or at least not out of my door!

    New post:
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  11. That's a crazy amount of rain! I do so love this outfit. I take a swing through Forever 21 every once in a while too. This outfit is a keeper and you showing how to pair high and low beautifully. I would definitely wear this, you look great.

    blue hue wonderland

  12. WOW I am so sorry. I hope all that rain didn't cause too much damage. I live in a city where it rains a lot so I totally get it. You do look FAB though: the Pumps, the Clutch, the Blouse, the Pencil Skirt, the Long Necklace. Everything so Classy & Elegant. I am pinning this.

    Enjoy your week and hopefully no more rain. =)

  13. Oh my goodness! Now that's a lot of water. Glad you are all safe. Your leather skirt and those fabulous pumps are purely elegant.

  14. Oh my that looks pretty bad. Glad you are all safe! Lovely outfit. Your blouse is gorgeous!

  15. Hi there! Wow what a story about the rainstorm, it's amazing how much rainfall can occur in such a short space of time. I love your outfit, this is so chic and modern and classic at the same time xx

  16. A beautiful outfit. Glad you never got rid of that perfect blouse. Of course the shoes and the pearls are perfect. The skirt fits you so well. I have worn outfits like this as well to parties as to the office. Only with a slit going up like that I would not wear it to the office anymore.
    As for the rain.... I hope it has gone back to normal? Or would you have liked it to stay like this? LOL

    1. Hey, Greetje! I have to admit I kind of liked the rain but all are back to normal and today the was a long queue at the car wash!

  17. Gorgeous (the outfit... not the rain)! The necklace is lovely, and wow, that skirt is the perfect length with just the right amount of slit. As much as I love sunshine, I do appreciate a good rainy day every now and then to help me appreciate the sunny days :)
    xo ~kim & chloe

  18. Classy but sexy. I think it's totally office-friendly and love the pearls. p.s. good thing the furniture did not get wet hmm!!
    atelier zozo

  19. The flood looks terrible, hope everything is alright....
    Love your entire look. The combo of leather and polka dots is classy yet modern! Love the classic Christian Louboutin pumps!



  20. We can know that you have a happy family from your post and pictures.
    The LENA fresh water pearls are very pretty.
    Have a nice day!

  21. Holy Moley! I can see where you might have felt disoriented with the sound of serious rain breaking into your sleep! I'll bet the boys were thrilled and had a blast in the record-setting, BIG puddle to splash in! Wellies indeed.
    I was reading someone, some-blog-where the other day, about the dead-simple concept of putting classics with avant garde or even just edgy pieces to make wearing fringe trend items easier pull off. Your leather skirt looks quite perfect with the lady-like treatment of your blouse ... transparent as it is. Lots to see and love in this so pretty outfit. I'm impressed as hell that I know a woman who is cool enough to wear her Louboutins with her Forever 21 and make them look like they belong together. Salaam, salaam ... I'm not worthy to be in your presence, so it's a good thing I can see you on line! AND Baroque pearls, and the wee polkadots!!!
    Yup. Pretty cool outfit. Captain should probably be taking you out to dinner, just about NOW! Love it.

    1. Jan, you are too kind.. Yup, Captain should take me out especially after 2 days of me putting the new living room together. Hard work ;)

  22. I love the all black outfit, it's so classy and chic. And the necklace is so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  23. Love that office combo! I would totally wear it!:X


  24. Wow - that is a lot of rain, especially for just one night! It amazes me how after all that the next morning it was beautiful and sunny, just with water everywhere. And you are looking fabulous as always, that leather skirt fits you like a glove!

  25. You look stunning as always!!! I love the combination and the skirt is gorgeous!!!
    The rain definitely caused some chaos! When I arrived to the kids' school to collect them, it was not even drizzling anymore!! But kids were delighted! We did see any flooding in our compound but remember a few years ago when the neighbor could actually put his canoe on the gigantic water puddle and had it floating around..!

    1. Oh, yes! Over here on this side as well some of the neighbours' kids were 'swimming' in the puddle with the blow up little boat.. Hmm, I cringed thinking about the water..yikes!

  26. Wow! That is a lot of rain. We gets lots of rain here too, but rarely flooding.

    I think you look bee-yoo-tiful in this skirt and blouse! It's simple, elegant, and sophisticated!

  27. I absolutely love how chic this look is! Stunning, girl!

  28. Yuck! Sorry to read about the storm, but smart that the schools evacuated (even though the timing may have been off- better safe than sorry!)
    Your outfit is fabulous! The skirt looks very lush and fits you perfect! Just a great, classic, feminine look!


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