08 August 2012

Best summer Purchase - Denim Jacket (Final Part)

Aaahhh, finally it is over! I bet that's what you all were thinking when you read the title of this post ;D  Yes, dear friends, we have come to the final part of the 'Best Summer Purchase' series! And thank you for being so patient and such a sporting bunch..

Danielle Bux
(color block maxi)

Frankly I don't know who Danielle Bux is but when I browsed through the net looking for some inspiration, I came across the picture above and I liked the simplicity and how laid-back this outfit looked. 

Like the denim jacket, color block maxi in my opinion is a great investment that can go from season to season and can be dressed up or down.  I bought this maxi from Splendid a few months back and ever since, I bought 2 more from the same label!  I highly recommend this label especially if you have problems looking for maxis that do not need to be hemmed. I can easily wear this maxi with a flat sandals or flip-flop and no hemming needed!

Thank you so much for reading my 'Best Summer Purchase' series and if you haven't gotten a pair of denim jacket already, go find yours.. I promise you, it will be money well spent :)

:: Outfit ::

Jacket : Salsa (similar in grey) (splurge) (steal)
Sandals : Gucci (love this one)
Bag : Isabella Fiore 
Necklace : Forever 21


  1. Ha ha, I could never get tired of denim jackets! I don't know who she is either but I like her chic, laid back outfit. I LOVE your interpretation! Such a casual, pulled together look!

    xo Jenny

  2. I love the accessories that you paired with this outfit. What an incredible necklace!!!

  3. Well I agree that it was money well spent. I especially love your fantastic necklace - the gold tones contrast nicely to the grey of the dress. Perfect!

  4. Love the final way you're wearing the jacket! That necklace is so pretty!!! Would love to know where you got it!
    A's Fashion Files

    1. Oh, my I actually forgot to include the necklace in my outfit list. Anyway, I've updated the list and the necklace is from Forever 21. Nice, isn't it? :)

  5. u look so absolutely chic! love the maxi dress!

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  7. Beautiful look! Thank you very much for your lovely comment!<3 Fallowing you. xoxo

  8. The necklace is so nice, loooove it!!! Thanks For your lovely comment, XOXO from London!

  9. love this on you more than the woman in the 1st photo. haute! xO!

  10. WOW, I love this look on you! It's perfect and I actually like it more than the inspiration picture (i don't know who she is either).

  11. Love it! You look fantastic.


  12. That necklace truly made a statement....you're stylish personified Mrs. C!!


  13. that is so lovely! especially with the necklace! well done, once again. x


  14. I LOVE it! You did such a great job replicating the look. I especially adore that necklace! Between the simplicity of the jacket, the dress and the sandals- the necklace is really quite the attention getter! :)

  15. I love your interpreation Mrs C, and I must admit you pulled if off so much sweeter. Especially that necklase gives your outfit that polished look. Great investement in that denim jackt, love it alot :-)
    Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog and leaving that sweet comment. I will try to find some more music for your to lingering on my blog hehe,hope you will like it :-)

    Have a wonderful day!

    <3 Ani

  16. Hi! Here I am! Sorry to be away for a bit but I've been in a frenzy of last minute summer activities... All of a sudden it seems we realized there's so little time of vacation left and we want to cram in two months worth of summer in the next two weeks. Yea! Right! Like that could happen! ..but we're tryin'!
    Of course I can teach you the sock bun! Just bring your husband's gym sock! (snicker snicker)
    Anyhoo, you've picked the wrong yocal-local for recommendations on hotels around Santa Monica. I don't think I have EVER stayed at any hotels around that area since it's so close to our house. So check Yelp.com for some recommendations. Aside from the hotel stuff I'm your woman for entertainment and distractions in and around L.A. Check out my next post on another great day trip. I have entertained out of town friends and family so often I feel I can do a tour of L.A. blindfolded and have the tour "speech" ready at a second's notice. haha
    So what days will you actually be here? Is there anything in particular that you want to do?
    OMG! What will you do with your kids? Too many questions?!
    Do bring this gorgeous jacket with you. Its a great and versatile piece; perfect for this Cali weather...
    e-mail me: danaslookbook@yahoo.com
    Can't wait to meet face to face!


    XOXO Dana

  17. Your ideas inspire and make you dream.

  18. I love this jacket- the texture is perfect and looks soft and not at all grainy which I feel can look cheap- making this look really expensive and to top it off, it fits you perfectly!

    Lucky girl!

    With Love From Hollywood, Kier

    Fashion Addict
    Fashion Addict

  19. Fabulous outfit!

    xo Jo


  20. Looking great Mrs C, denim jackets are such a wardrobe hero, honestly I think they work with everything!!! Love how you've accessorized, the necklace is killer :)


  21. You executed that look so well! And that necklace?! I can't believe it's from F21! Gorg!

  22. Love the look, hun. A denim jacket is definitely a summer staple... and I love this styling of yours. Easy peasy and still chic!

    xx Love & Aloha

  23. love your styling! great touch with the necklace!

    xoxo, andie
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  24. very nice maxi skirt and great necklace!
    would you like to follow each other?

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  25. Love love your necklace! Great look!!

  26. This whole ensemble is beautiful, and that necklace? WOW! It gives your look an exotic feel and I never would have guessed it was F21!

  27. This is probably my favorite look. I love how casual and easy it is, but it's amazing how chic a maxi and denim jacket can still look!

  28. This is my favorite way you've styled your denim jacket!! This is casual chic and your jacket adds the perfect touch to your adorable maxi dress.
    Also, you are crazy to think you can't wear shorts ~ I know for a fact you would look fabulous in them! There are a lot of styles that I think look horrid on me, but it's all about finding a pair you feel great in and everyone has different styles that are most flattering for them. Don't give up on them :) I can see you in some dressy shorts in a silky fabric with a tie waist or something like that :)



    1. Awww, thanks for the head up, Jacy.. maybe like what you said, I haven't found the right shorts that is flattering enough for my body shape.. I will not shy away from taking one or two into the fitting room next time I go shopping :) Thanks so much, I truly appreciate it..

  29. look at you rocking this look! love it. Maxis and denim were made for each other.

    Couture Caddy x

  30. I'm sad to see it end. I love all the outfits. Thank you for the inspiration. It's time to hunt for that perfect denim jacket.

  31. Great post!!! beautiful photos and outfit!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

  32. What a great outfit. Love that necklace!

    You have such a lovely blog! What do you think of following each other?


  33. Oh I love your blog. Its really great.
    -follow each other ?

  34. Honestly, I don't know her too!
    But I adore her style. Simple yet chic, just like you, dear!


  35. I love your necklace and your bag has some tribal feel to it which I also love. Your denim jacket looks fab with everything you've dressed it with. It's a good buy.

  36. I could not agree with you more! Not only can you wear it in the Summer though, it is versatile enough to integrate into the Fall and Winter...even the Spring! Love love love denim, and you look great! Check out my blog and follow me if you get the chance :] xo Amber


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