20 April 2012

Colored blazer and tie-dye!

I was just talking to Captain this morning over breakfast on how lucky we are this year to be blessed with a fantastic winter/spring season.  We are in the midle of April and here I am still being able to put on a blazer when last year by March it was already scorching!  Last night on the way out for dinner with the boys and Captain, it actually rained for a bit! The temperature plunged to 22 degrees within minutes and it was truly a great night to be out.

Today accompanying Captain on his 'quest for a perfect dream car', I picked this blue/green blazer.  The pictures do not do the color justice as it has a vibrant, intense color in real life! Perfect for spring!

I thought this tie-dye tank top I bought a few months back would compliment the color of the blazer and give a less serious vibe to the whole ensemble besides the well worn jeans.

To finish off, I decided to take out my Balenciaga City Gris Poivre!  It is getting softer by each wear as expected with all Balenciaga leather.


Tank top : etsy.com
Blazer : Stradivarius
Jeans : Juicy Couture
Booties : Naturalizer Comfortwear (last seen here )
Bag : Balenciaga City (featured here and last seen here )
Accessories : Tous (bangles) Koton (necklace)
Pictures by : AB


  1. I just have to ask.

    So what is the perfect dream car? :-)

    1. Hi, Cik R! Back from wandering? ;) Well, he has many dream cars but the perfect one should go fast and fit within his budget, hehehe.. me, I'm happy with my mummy ride. Not too bad, right? But the other day we went to Alfa on SZR to have a look. The verdict, still looking :)

  2. Great outfit! And lovely colors :)

    - Alice


  3. I am a huge fan of blazers, but I also love that you are rocking the tie-dye! This outfit rules.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. I. LOVE. every. single. BIT. of. this. outfit!!!!!! :) Love love love.


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