24 March 2012

Simple pleasure - An afternoon at Dubai Mall

I have good boys.  You may say, I say this because they are my boys but really, they are good kids for a pair of 13 year olds - simple, no fancy demands or wants and for that, I feel blessed and thankful.  The best things about the boys and I, is that we are friends.  We can hang out and talk about movies, games, their friends, my childhood days and our favourite of all, music.  Oh, yes, we can really hang out.  So once in a while we would go out and do simple things that they love.

Yesterday was one of those days. After they were done with their homework, we took a drive to Dubai Mall and took a stroll while admiring windows of the stores, had some treat at Paul’s and visit their favourite store, The Virgin Megastore. We browsed the music and movie section and of course their favourite section, the video games section

The Waterfall @ Dubai Mall

Beautiful waterfall that never failed to amaze them

Their favourite store

Browsing through their favourite section

Mommy's favourite store

Indoor date tree

Pastries at PAUL's

Hand made soap at LUSH

Later, while singing along to Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Californication, we drove to our favourite local take out and brought home some succulent local equivalent to burritos, the shawarma.  Oh, they love shawarma.  They even said to me that when we would leave Dubai for good, they would miss shawarma the most!

Our favourite local take out - Metro Falcon Shawarma


At home, we had our dinner while chatting about music and school and later we watched a couple of episodes from Prison Break DVD that we have bought earlier at Virgin Megastore before bidding each other good night. 

It was a simple and sweet outing.  We had a great time and I look forward to our next outing, soon.


Cashmere sweater : Massimo Dutti
Camellia Pin : Chanel
Jeans : Siwy
Shoes : Kenneth Cole
Bag : Gucci
Bangles : Vintage Monet via http://www.etsy.com/


  1. What a great post. I really want to go to Dubai. Sounds like a great afternoon. I am now following :) Hope you will do the same.



  2. there are good boys :) i miss them so much!

  3. Never been to Dubai, but it looks amazing. The waterfall is spectacular!

  4. Those looked like chocolate filled croissants...Man those things are good! I had some while in Germany and they were fantastic.



  5. I love this blog.



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