25 March 2012

Red pants and red nose - Review

I guess it is my turn to be down with cold.  Captain had it, the boys too and now me!  I went to bed with a headache and woke up with face like a punching bag and nose as red as Rudolph.  On top of that I woke up late and had to say ‘sayonara’ to my promise to take the boys to a Spring Fair organized by their old school where all their ex-classmates were attending.  Great!  Well, done Mom!

So, to make up to them, we took them out for dinner and on the way, stopped by the bicycle shop for their new rides.  They are ready for big boys bikes and  to ditch the old kiddie rides they’ve outgrown.  Makes me a bit sad, realizing that my  babies are getting big and soon …. Ok, stop it!

I was really not in the mood to go through my closet in detail so, I grabbed these red jeans I bought recently from Forever 21 (together with a blue and a purple!  Mental note :  buy a pair at a time to test especially if it was your first time buying from that particular label) and paired them with this top from Young, Fabulous and Broke. 
I didn’t want to spend a lot on this new trend (colored jeans) since I was not sure if it will suit me. I normally buy tops from Forever 21 but have never tried any of their pants or jeans.   So, to try them out I bought not one but 3 pairs.  I guess I got carried away by the price.
The verdict : The stitch work is bad and the thin material leaves little ripples along the seams.   With that said, what do I expect from a pair that cost less than $20, right?  I will stick to buying only the tops from them and since I bought these 3 pairs, I’ll wear them anyway at least for a while.  I'm now on a hunt for a good pair/pairs.  Suggestion?


Top : Young, Fabulous and Broke
Jeans : Forever 21 (New)
Shoes : Nine West (New)
Bag : Mulberry Alexa
Jewelry :  Vintage from www.etsy.com
Pictures by : Captain


  1. Love this combination!


  2. Hope you feel better soon. Great combination!

    1. Thank you :) I am your follwere no.41 :)

  3. Mrs C, try Pepe Jeans Coloured Skinny Jeans! i love it, tried it at the shop but had to put it back since the price tag didnt suit my little purse hehehehe...

  4. love the tie dye shirt!


  5. great outfit! love the pants and bag! xo


  6. love the colorful trousers! and your mulberry bag is divine!

    love from San Francisco,

  7. (First time here) I get carried away with prices too... (I had to laugh at three pair :) Ha! Even if you wear them once, it's a fun trendy (Spring/Summer) investment. Have fun mixing and matching them....

  8. 1.) amazing choice of british handbag
    2.) red trousers are perfect - loving red atm and practically living in it here in london
    3.) I want to be back in dubai


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