18 March 2012

My Twin Photographers

“Who wants to help me take some pictures for my blog?”

“Me! Me! Me!” both of them, hands in the air, excited faces.

“AB, you took the last time, it’s my turn now!”

“No, you did, AD!  I only took one shot, you did a lot!”

“No, you did!”

And it went on and on.  At the end, they both took turn to snap some  pictures each, giving me direction to move left or right, voicing out opinions and feedback.  And this time we took it to the top, the roof top of our villa that is but the sun was too strong we had to come back down in the garden.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to see the boys so interested in photography.  They are even thinking of joining the photography club as their after school activity next term.  We’ll see if this interest is a ‘seasonal’ thing or true passion.  For now I am happy to spend some bonding moments with them and share the outcome with you here.

I love kimonos.  It all started with Nicole Richie and her clothing line that came up with some kimono jackets a few seasons back.  But I went to the extreme.  I found an online store in Japan selling vintage kimonos and started using them as light jackets.

This Celine Boogie bag is an old friend.   Her rose color fabric is so sweet and feminine.  I really like her simple lines and rigid structure.  She's truly a keeper.

Weather is forecasted to be good tomorrow with temperature dropping down to 19 degrees!  That is something to smile aabout :)


Tank top : Topshop
Vintage Haori Kimono Jacket : http://www.vintagekimono.com/ 
Cropped jeans : American Eagle Outfitter (New)
Shoes : Kenneth Cole
Bag : Celine
Sunglasses : Vintage Serengeti
Bangle : Vintage from http://www.etsy.com/
Black Onyx bracelets : Tous
Pictures by : AB and AD


  1. Your boys sound adorable. It's wonderful that they've developed an interest in photography at such a young age. I wish someone handed me a camera when I was their age! Nevertheless, they've done a great job photographing you.

    1. Children are living a different lifestyle these days.. luckier? Not sure about that. I never fail to share with my boys the life I lived when I was growing up. I think it makes them realised the are priviledged and appreciate life better :)

  2. Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)



  3. Hey you! Thank your for your lovely comment! I checked out your blog this morning and I really enjoyed it, so I'll keep following ;) This outfit I like a lot, especially the Céline bag!

    bisoubisou CS

  4. Stylish outfit! Im searching new blog's to read, and yours is so great!

    Hugs from Finland

    - Alice


  5. Hey I love the pictures and your outfit - brilliant,
    Have a great day sweets,

    1. Thanks Anya! They are the work of a couple of 13 year olds. Hope one day they'll be as good as you :)
      Great blog you have there. Beautiful pictures!

  6. AD and AB are so lucky to have the oppurtunity to snaps some pics at that age. My first camera i own was when i was 26 just before i came to UK. I dont think my/our parents even own a camera!Keep uo the good work boys!

    Mrs C, I love your shoes!!!! Bought more or less the same style but in nude.

    1. Shaz, the shoes are nothing fancy. I bought them as my trainning pair. You'll understand what I mean when you read my post about shoes soon :) I looking for a nude pair myself. Please 'whatsapp' me pictures or yours, I would like to see!

      Our parents are still without camera today!

  7. Your kimono is stunning!! Xx

  8. Lovely post!
    Great photos :)
    Follow each other?

  9. Great kimono top! Love that your boys want to be involved :)

  10. the kimino top is really pretty! love the print!


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