23 February 2012

Chocolate Corduroy

Ok, the time has come for me to start my outfit post.  I have been sitting on that task ever since I started the blog.  I love going through other blogs and see how beautifully done the snapshots are.  The whole combination of locations, shots and poses blended so well together making them look like center spread of a glossy magazine.   I had to swallow hard thinking how in God’s name am I supposed to pull this? 

You see, I do not have a camera person that I could work with nor have I ever had any experience posing for camera.  So far all my pictures were taken by either Captain or my 12 year old sons and they were always taken in the ‘safe’ compound of our garden. 
So, make story short, me and Captain decided to take it to the next level:  photo shoot outside our comfort zone!

I have this corduroy blazer for a while now.  The color reminds me of dark cooking chocolate, yum!  It is perfect for chilly day like today and I thought the dark brown color would make the yellow in the background popped.  The platform wedges gives a bit of 60s feel to the folded jeans. 

The scarf is something I bought from a random shop at the 'souq' (arabic word for market).  I love the design and the mustard color.  I paid nothing for it but I use it a lot especially during the summer. 

This Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier is one of the first bags I had.  I like it because it is understated and very durable.  I do not have to worry about scratching it or worst, transfering dirt or color onto it.  Definately one of my favourite.

Top : Forever 21
Blazer : Mango    
Bottom : Juicy Couture jeans, 
Shoes : ZARA (old)    
Bag : Louis Vuitton   


  1. Found your blog through TPF. :) You are so cute! Such a happy looking outfit. Love it! :)


    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) really appreciate it

  2. I love the yellow scarf! So pretty and your bag looks like it is brand new still :)

    1. Hi, again Kat! The scarf costed nothing.. like the saying goes "the best things in life are 'ALMOST' free" ;)

      The bag looks new coz most of the time it sits in the closet.. the danger about having too many bags. I tend to forget what I have :(

      Thanks for dropping by. Kat! Loving yr interviews

  3. Love the yellow top!! (:

    Check out & follow my blog? :D

  4. Noooo!!! You shouldn't put an LV on a floor, let alone on a sidewalk pavement!!! Hahaha! ;-)

    1. You sound like my husband now LOL! ;)

  5. I love this outfit...It is so very wearable...would flatter many body types...user friendly for moms like me! Not like MODELS...where everything from head to toe would end up costing well a fortune... :)

    1. Welcome back, Resham!

      We moms need to think about the kids college fund as well ;) So, a splurge here and a steal there!

      Hope you and family had a great weekend!


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